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THE guide to the whole gay, lesbian and bisexual scene in Scotland.

Pride Scotland Special Edition!

Inside you'll find all the Pride march and Festival details, along with gossip, venues and our irrepressible Meet Market!

Pic: It's that time o' year again! See ye aw in Glesca!


Pride Scotland 98 - Saturday 13th June, Glasgow
Dun-Dèagh - heroic Brian
Dun Eideann - warming up
Glaschu - rapunzel?
Inbhir Nis - more hassle
Moireibh - country party
Obair Dheadhain - dancing dizzy
Boxes - the Meet Market!
Venues - what and where


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A surprise PA was on offer to clubbers at Liberty's most recent late night. Supposedly high in the dance charts, but no one knows which, the lively 'SHAH' went down well with the Boyz and Wimmin alike. She even got an encore which the fickle Dundonians don't always encourage! I also hear the Eurovision Winner (yeah her or is it him) were keen to play the club at the end of June but are said to be too expensive. Loosen those purse strings Brenda.....!

Yet another late licence has been achieved for Saturday 27th June for some reason we are to get another extra hour to dance, drink and to feel even worse hungover on the Sunday than usual. Hopefully there will still be some of that cheap Japanese beer available at only a quid. Did the Emperor bring it over for his state visit?

'Take it from an Italian' was the promotion that got my juices flowing at the club one Saturday recently. I was more than a little disappointed to learn this was a drinks promo for Italian liqueur Amaretto. I thought it was an Italian stripper, still the liqueur with fresh orange got me sweet enough for a young buck who didn't know he was going home with KY in his pocket and Liquid Silk on his arm!!

Whilst on the Europeans, I believe a certain scene star with a known passion for the Spanish has now a great interest in matters - shall we say 'Medical'! The famous porn videos have been ditched in favour of past episodes of Keeping Up Appearances and To The Manor Born. Well we all would like to settle down and good luck to the happy couple!!

Allegations of youths throwing stones at cruisers at Riverside have not been confirmed. No formal complaint was made to Police and I understand the incident was likely a 'one off'. However as the location becomes busier in the coming summer months we should all look out for each other. Tayside Police do now have a liaison officer in the Community Involvement Team and they have a remit to assist YOU. Contact can be made direct or through DOT, Tayfriend, Switchboard or Liberty who are all members of FLAGS which is the Forum of Lesbian and Gay Services.

Devas celebrated yet another Birthday with a Sunday all day party for the regulars. The knock on (or was it stagger on) effect was over a hundred people in the nightclub on a Sunday holiday night which helped create a great atmosphere on a quieter night. Congratulations to Karen, Kerry and team on surviving the onslaught of pubs Blundertek and Xs.

Sadly the Switchboard newsletter has directed its negative accusations away from me and on to you the Lesbigay Community in what appears a cry from the heart by the author of its Leader (Lead story), Perhaps he should direct his efforts to the phone lines and leave the creative ramblings for us media celebrities (surely mediocre celebrities!)

Congratulations to Body Positive which has recently expanded its premises after some three years of being the unsung heroes of both ours and the wider community. The scene often ignores the fact that many lives are altered by this disease. Keep up the good work.

Well you may be reading this special 'Pride' issue on the very day of the event. Two buses were to be taking queens and dykes fae the City of Discovergay but they have not gone ahead for reasons unknown to me. I'll just have to get the bridle, saddle and whip ready and find me a stallion to ride through on - any takers? If you pardon the expression.

Just heard that Dundee's First Lady, Liberty owner Brian, has stepped in personally to arrange cash for the Pride Scotland Dance tent from vodka drinks giant Smirnoff. It had appeared that with just over two weeks to go until the event, last year's busiest tent would not have gone ahead. Will this mean he will be celebrating with even more booze than last year? Hopefully DJ 'BP' will repeat his successful set which I missed last year.

Some concern has been expressed about the close proximity of another events tents to Pride's. Just remember that it is our day to celebrate our lifestyle and we shall without doubt outnumber the breeders! Best wishes to the organising committee for a great day out. See you all there!!

Liquid Silk.


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Edinburgh Festival warm up begins as the scene packs in the tourists from all corners of the planet. Every time I walk down Princes Street I notice another piper. The occasional drumming band make a pleasant din at the Mound. In a short couple of months the bars will be open later and the guys and gels will be cuter - the centre of the world will be this nation's capital in August.

Centre of Edinburgh's gay scene for longer than he can remember is Alan Nichols, former Outright Scotland gay rights activist, founder of the Blue Moon Cafe, one time glass collector in Route 66, and now a leading light on Scotland's gay scene with the club he founded with fellow former Blue Mooner Maggie. Joy! Is now five years old, and for one night only ravers were treated to a free party at the club's birthplace the Calton (now Studio 24). And what a night! This pumping grinding head trip of an evening was officially entitled Mingin', and the venue was a bit crap, but the music was sensational and the crowds were smiley. This reviewer has said before that Joy! was the best night out in Edinburgh - and it still is, no matter where it's happening, or whether you are gay, bisexual or straight. Happy fifth birthday to Joy!

While Joy went free, the displeased punters of CC Blooms had to pay a pound to ogle the capital's would be contenders for the Mr. Gay UK competition. The atmosphere was jolly enough once the thing got under way, and it was good to see entertainment in CC's other than the same old tuneless karaoke or talentless stripper. Sadly Mr. Gay Edinburgh came absolutely nowhere in the finals, although Mr Cambridge, according to the consensus down my way, was definitely the prettiest. CC Blooms are lining up some surprises for the Edinburgh Festival I'm told, all though I bet it's not sorting out the air conditioning so you can breathe while you dance, without choking on others' smouldering fag smoke.

Mulder and Scully were called last month as rumours hit the capital's gay scene that The Stag and Turret's man in charge has been abducted by aliens, reportedly leaving thousands of pounds of debts in his wake. "We will remain Gay!" was the chant from new management, accompanied with a chorus of "We will pay our bills!" S&T were a little reluctant to divulge too much but suggest that a sharp upturn in trade is coming. Watch This Space.

Alan and Andy, former head ponchos of Chapps, and sometime owners of The New Town Bar want your body. Phil the bar manager, (ask to see the Wonder Women pix) is as smiley as ever, the staff are excellent, and the bar prices are reasonable. However very few women frequent NTB and Friday and Saturday are men only at the disco downstairs. Guys, do go and see the decor down there, if you only go once...

Women are better off heading to Route 66, Edinburgh's best gay bar. Much more mixed on the gender front than CC's or Kudos (Cardownie's Copshop), and much more tastefully decorated, it's the place to start your queer night out. Very busy on Fridays and Saturdays like most venues, get there early and you'll get a seat. Most go to CC's after closing if they haven't copped off yet. A wee sweetie suggests that a permanent late licence may be in the offing...

Now, I know that you know, if you've glanced over my column inches before, that karaoke is not my thing. Period. However, you should check out Edinburgh's forgotten gay bar, French Connection for the most hysterical gay night out. Frenchies is a wee place close to the old Blue Oyster, which died a death (cremated actually) what seems like centuries ago. Frenchies goes on - and so for a scream off the beaten track visit on Tuesday and Friday and check it out. They still have one of those quaint old fashioned door bells too...

Feorag, Seumas & Victim The cafes Moon and Nexus are both in good shape. The former seems to open a different business in its basement every week! Ian, the Blue Moon's Boy Babe continues to deliver the service upstairs with style. Nexus is still going strong and can apparently be particularly busy on Thursday evenings when the place is full of gorgeous bisexuals. The Edinburgh Bisexual Group, (or bicycle group according to our esteemed editor) meets under Nexus, every Thursday from 8pm. Then head to the cafe at around 9.30pm.

ScotsGay's own Feòrag and Seumas took a convenient victim along to the first incarnation of Permissions, a pan-sexual BDSM/fetish night. As you can see they had a rather good time, and organiser Alison tells us that the next night is the Sunday after Pride at Shady Lady's, Cowgate (10.30 - 3am), but would like us to point out that cameras are not allowed - special "permission" was granted for this pic...

Finally, questions are being asked about last month's Inside Out cover boy. His name is Scot, and yes, I have his phone number. The bidding starts at £50...

That's it. Enjoy with Pride! Send your stuff to me at ScotsGay or e-mail me at the address below.

Martin Walker & Nigel Chipps,


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Well, it seems like I've been out every single night for the past three weeks, so it's going to be a bit of a change to stay in for once while I get this month's column together. Still, got plenty of beer to keep me going, and WASP blowing fuck out of my CD to get me in the mood. Better start off by doing my "Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Fit Like, Buenos Noches" bit coz the Great Ginger One got a new set of figures through showing that even more people all over the world are subscribing to ScotsGay Magazine or accessing the website than ever before. Anyway, without further waffling, let's get this month's column sorted out!

One date for all you fur freaks to make a note of is Saturday the 6th of June, when the Glasgow heat of Mr Bear UK is being held down in the bear-cave, also known as the Court Bar. The competition will be from 8:30pm onwards with the winner getting a cash prize, and a place in the national competition, being held in exotic Birmingham sometime in August. It's still not too late to enter and you can get more details from Glasgow's head-bear, Douglas, on 0141-883 9055. I'd also better point out that the monthly bears meeting is on the 2nd Saturday of the month, not the Friday, as Des in the Court has been getting all these people in wondering where all the furry people were! Robert's promised me some photos of the Glasgow heat, and I should be there on the night myself, assuming they'll let us scrawny little runts in, so more of that next issue.

Over at Centurion the new steam-room is going ahead according to plan, and Derek tells us that they're hoping to have it open by the 1st of June. As both of the saunas are hoping to open a steam-room, there seems to be a bit of a race going on to see who's first - unfortunately the final decision's down to the Environmental Health and the safety people, so these things can take a bit of time to go through all the official procedures. They're also still working on getting the gym installed which is unfortunately being delayed until a wall gets built or knocked down or moved or something, and no doubt that requires even more official paperwork! On the Pride Weekend, the club will be offering a special £25 pass allowing access at any time between Noon on Friday and Midnight on Sunday, and no, you can't stay there for the full 21/2 days without coming up for air!!! (Or can you?? Ask Derek nicely and see what he says).

Down at The Lane there have also been a few changes, with the appointment of Gordon as the new manager. They've introduced a new membership system which means that the venue now operates as a private club, making things even more discreet for all the married guys who make up a large chunk of the clientele of both venues. If you want to try the place out before taking out a full year's membership at £15, or 3 months at £6, you can join for a day for only a quid - can't say fairer than that. The chill-out room has also been finished and they're open 2-10pm Sun-Fri and from Noon on Saturday. Oh - you can also share a cabin for only 12 quid, but obviously this is restricted to two people, otherwise you'd have all the Aberdonians trying to cram into an 8'x4' cubicle!

For all you FootieJanets (that'll be right), Sadies are going to be showing the World Cup on their big screen telly. Seeing as how the only footie that appeals to yer average Glasgow fairy is Aussie Rules, 'cos of the talent, you'll probably actually find more dykes in the joint than when it was Sapphos!!

Penelope's really seem to have got things right this time round, with numbers steadily increasing and sometimes breaking the magic 100 mark. OK, it's still about half of what TinPans used to get in its heyday, but it's still early days and a lot of people I've spoken to have been going along for the PAs, which have been a bit thin on the ground on the Glasgow scene recently. There's plenty of local talent on the scene and hopefully Penelope's can get more of them to do their stuff (who do we know who'll do a PA in return for a crate of Pils?). So far, we've had May Miller, Chris (not Colin as one of the other mags called him), and Nadeen, who did a really brilliant cover version of "Stay". Think the original was by a bunch called Slam or Slash or something, but I'm not really up on all the clubby stuff that you disco dollies are into, so maybe I'm wrong. Please, can we have some lights when the live entertainment's on, otherwise we can't see them? Mind you, I think Chris got the idea second time around, wearing that white Bobby Crush blouse thing! Now then what was THAT comment that B made over the mike about me referring to some of his stuff as "classic poofy music"? Of course it is, and I thought it was dead funny to watch the three twinkies who seemed to know all the actions to Y.M.C.A! Even funnier to watch the bunch of crusties up beside the bar doing the "Timewarp"!

You know, it's funny in a way to notice how things change a bit when straight clubs get used to doing gay nights. Take the bouncers: when Penelope's started off they seemed to have more than they do now, and presumably realised that the gay scene is a lot better behaved than the hetties. Pity that the straight scene couldn't take a lesson from us lot about how to enjoy themselves on a night out. If Penny's can get regular PAs and keep the door charges and drink prices as they are just now, Tuesdays should continue to build up as a good mid-week club night. One moan though, and I've had a few complaints about this one: A lot of people don't drink during the week cos they're driving or working the following day and it's a bit much to fork out £1.50 for a dinky little can of coke (80% GP) when a pint of lager costs the same. A lot of people, especially students and the low paid, prefer to go clubbing during the week cos it's cheaper, but the non-drinkers always seem to get left out when the drinks promos are being sorted out. Now I've got that off my tits I've just remembered that Penelope's will be open on Pride Saturday (13th June) from midday onwards, don't know if Boff's on the decks or not, but there's a surprise PA going to be in the club, so there's somewhere else to go if you can't find a bit of trade down on Glasgow Green. Oh - and the bar staff were quizzing me wanting to know who the cute barman was that I referred to last issue - you vain lot! Well, just for that, I'm not saying - so there!!

Now that the good weather's here, Sunday afternoons are a good excuse to get out for a bit of cruising, then down to Austins for a few drinks. Obviously I'm not the only one with this idea, judging by the cabaret's comments about "Ooh - the parks must be closing - they're all coming in now!"

On the subject of cruising, quite a few of the shrub fanatics seem to have moved to the south side, due to the ever increasing presence of plod over in Kelvingrove. Beware, the boys in blue seemed to have cottoned on to this and are out in Queen's Park a lot more often now. (And allegedly Agent Provocateuring at Prestwick Beach - Ed). Still, the foliage has grown a bit recently since the parkies went mad with chainsaws, so there's a lot more cover now. Take some Baby Bio with you next time you're up and help it along! And for fuck's sake, will the mad bastards who have started leaving messages and phone numbers on the flagpole stop being so stupid? Most people are discreet when they're out cruising, but this kind of thing really isn't on! Actually, have you noticed how most of those out on the prowl all look and dress the same? No.1 crop, black puffa jacket, denim shirt, jeans and Caterpillar boots? I think even the coppers have cottoned on, as they're the ones who seemed to get stopped all the time! If I'm in Kelvingrove and plod's about, I just try and look like a student on my way back to Hillhead - works every time!

The Waterloo held another Rainbow Fund Night recently, with an evening of karaoke, raffles and entertainment from Myrtle, Graham and Francine Fishpaw, who also got lumbered with the job of making all the sandwiches! Total dosh raised was £140 - not at all bad for a Wednesday night. If you're going down the Waterloo, BEWARE, Alison has now been declared "Bitch of the Year" and has a certificate to prove it! Jo got awarded a prize as well but I can't remember what it was. There's another Rainbow Fund do on at the Poo soon, so that should boost the fund even further. And talking of the Poo (the land of disappearing furniture and irritating CD players) aren't the staff looking nice and smart in their new uniforms?

Well I think that's about it for this month. It's taken me three hours to sift through all the notes and get this column together, there's no bloody beer left so I'm gonna bugger off to bed next!. Hope to see you all at Pride, with a bit of luck the Editor will have his stall set up, so you can come along and meet the culprits responsible for putting together the country's most widely read scene news.

Headbangers Rule OK!!



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Hello, Scotland! This is the north-east calling. We thought it was about time that the rest of you realised that there is life outwith the confines of Aberdeen and Inverness, so we contacted ScotsGay, who very kindly agreed to allow us some space to reveal all!

Not that we've been in hiding, you understand! Very far from it. We have our own helpline (Moray LGB Switchboard), our own monthly magazine (The Moray Gayzette) and have now set up a social group for the community in the area, which we've called Pride of Moray Firth, as our membership is drawn from a wide area, from Buckie to Inverness and beyond! The Cat's in Elgin continues to get busier with each meeting.

The Switchboard hosted a fund raising buffet at the beginning of May, where we all enjoyed some scrumptious food and couldn't get enough of oor Mags' home-made punch, which was lethal! ScotsGay's Aberdeen reporter Gus was in attendance, having been tempted along by the rumours about the amazing vibrating cucumber (Hi, Gus!). But Gussie, dear, please leave the inflated penguin at home next time! We all know it's just an old bag of hot air, but when it leaks it tends to cause an unpleasant odour! And Mags - that Femidom! Now I know you think I'm a size queen, but I don't know what you thought I could use it for! We don't get many elephants in the Moray area!!

The 15th of May saw some of the more adventurous ladz from Moray Firth linking up with a few of the cheeky boyz from Inverness (hi! Steven, Paul, Kerr and Alan!), heading for Aberdeen to the University LGB Soc. aptly named 'Gaylidh'. We all disgraced ourselves wonderfully (mixing with Gus again, you see!) but had a high old time jigging around in various establishments. A couple of our group almost became the resident strippers in Club 2000! Just a bunch of happy slappers!

As this is being written the sun has just come out (it's never too late!). Excellent, since all us ladz and lassies are planning a barbecue at Roseisle this afternoon and evening, and it wouldn't be quite as pleasant standing with a soggy hot-dog in your hand in the pouring rain (on reflection some people might enjoy it, the kinky sods!). Talking about which, although we've been out and about with the Inverness crew quite often of late, there's never been a sighting of Calmac. Still, suppose now the tourist season's starting he'll be back to his regular job of swimming up and down Loch Ness, popping up every so often when some passing trade takes his fancy! (Greetings, Calmac!)

Forthcoming events include our bus run to Pride on the 13th June, where we should have our own stall, so look out for us there! We've got loads more planned throughout the summer, including a Summer Party at the prestigious Rothes Glen Hotel, so keep watching, 'cos now we're here we don't intend to go away again! Take care ya'all! And if you can't be good, be brilliant!!

Dr. Kenniff & 'Matron' Hattie,


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Here we are again, time for me to report again on all things Pink in the North.

Now I've complained about a lack of contact between groups in the past, but now I must plead guilty too... I received (or rather the Editor did) a letter from Out and About, the lesbian group, some time ago which I have not responded to for various reasons. I am not writing a reply without it in front of me as it would not do the girlz justice. However, Out and About (collective), please accept my sincere apologies for this, and rest assured I will be in touch.

Right, News time. Headline this week is that Reach Out Highland has moved. Their phone and fax number are still the same, but now they are at 34 Waterloo Place, Inverness IV1 1NB. They are open for business and the official re-opening party is on 19th June. Reach Out extends their thanks to all those who helped in the move. Highlights of the move included the moving of the safe, which was a heavy, difficult but amusing task and believe me, don't anyone mess with "Oor Julia" of the T Group - she has muscles on her muscles and put Calmac to shame in the heavy lifting stakes!

Nico's is steady at present, with a reasonable no. of us hanging out there on a Wed. and Fri. The barstaff are in general very friendly and helpful, except one homophobic, arrogant, lying little shit, but hey, there's a bad apple in every barrel.

Thanks to 'Jim' of Glasgow who e-mailed me recently on advice on 'where to go' up here when he was on holiday. Sorry I didn't get it on time, but as you told me to my face in Nico's you had sent the message - you obviously found where to go anyway! Scary that it was the quietest night in ages that you picked to go, still, you made it, that's what counts! Hope you got laid!!

Mr G's Nightclub is again hassling gays and telling them "They don't want your sort" and despite advertising as gay-friendly (which was always a heap of crap). Blue have done the same type of thing recently. They really think that they are something. Still, they say ignorance is bliss...

Finally for all LGBs in the forces residing in this area, the Rank Outsiders helpline number has changed to 0171-652 6464. The local contact is still the same (check the listings in the full ScotsGay).

Right, that's it for this month, hope to see you all screaming yer tits off at Pride. Oh by the way, anybody else gutted that Ronan has got married? Wait 'til I see his new wife, it'll be lipsticks primed, stilettos at dawn and handbags at twenty paces... Bitch!

See ya's,



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The Aberdeen scene is still a little on the thin side but nevertheless worth checking out if you're in the area. There are a couple of places of interest, namely Club 2000 and Bar Castro.

Club 2000 has been getting better & better since opening recently, this shows in its popularity and notoriety. Anyone considering taking a little time out and relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere (this being injected into the room at approx. 15 min intervals) would do themselves an injustice by missing out on this friendly and lively environment. The music is good and the liquid entertainment is reasonably priced therefore C2K gets a big thumbs up from this guy.

The other place to visit on a trip to Aberdeen has to be Bar Castro, This bar has a downstairs disco that has to be mentioned as it caters for the type of person who prefers to dance, drink, and enjoy the sport if you know what I mean. Where C2K is great for your average night out with your mates, similarly Castro's has to be the place to prowl, there I've gone and said it now! So sue me!

The gay ceilidh which was held at the Stakis Hotel on the 15th was a great night and deserves a mention as Pedro of the Students Unions LGB Society put on a super night, again well done Pedro - "When is the next one?"

If anybody disagrees with this view you are more than welcome to take me out and point out the error of my ways :o)



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