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Issues 1 - 69a (Dec 1994 - May 2006) are available as text.

Text Archive
Issues 61 - current (Dec 2004 - current) are available as PDF files.

ScotsGay 25
Auld Muther Burnie, Mailbombing, Gossip, News, Meet Market...

ScotsGay Issue 24
Age of consent press special, Too Late for Matthew Shepard, Gossip, News, Meet Market...

ScotsGay Issue 23
Festival Reviews, merger with Cruise, Media Monitor, loads more new stuff!

InsideOut Issue 22a
Edinburgh Festivals Special, plus gossip and venues and Meet Market and stuff...

ScotsGay Issue 22
All the pics from Pride, plus loads of features and gossip and stuff...

InsideOut Issue 21a
Pride Scotland Special Edition, plus news from everywhere, including Moireibh!

ScotsGay Issue 21
News, more from Otton on Tibet, Ogg, Letters, International, Reviews, ScotsDyke Cops Out, etc...

InsideOut Issue 20a
THE guide to the whole lesbian, gay and bisexual scene...

Ian Dunn Dies (17.3.98)
Pioneering Scottish lesbigay campaigner Ian Dunn died suddenly in Edinburgh on Tuesday 10th March 1998.

ScotsGay Issue 20
Otton in Tibet, Ogg on Prostitution, Letters, Books, Reviews...


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