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John Hein
John Dunedin


John Hein is/was/will be:
Publisher and Editor of ScotsGay Magazine
Chair of Pride Scotia - (Edinburgh)
Pastor Best OPI
Former Chair and current Member of the Liberal Party National Executive
Convenor of the Liberal Party in Scotland
Chair and Member of Leith Central Community Council
Liberal Party Parliamentary Candidate for Tweeddale Ettrick and Lauderdale 1992, 1997 and 2001
Liberal Party Euro Candidate for South of Scotland 1994
Liberal Party Scottish Parliament List Candidate for South of Scotland Region 1999
Liberal Party Scottish Parliament List Candidate for Lothians Region 2003
Liberal Party Edinburgh City Council Candidate for New Town Ward 2003
Liberal Party Parliamentary Candidate for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk 2005
Liberal Party Parliamentary Candidate for Edinburgh North And Leith 2010

John Hein lives in Edinburgh in a leg-over situation with Stu whose affections he shares with an increasingly large selection of naff hairy and older men. Also shares house with two cats - Lummox (Bruce), Evil (Grace) and The Orange Bastard - and a UAX12 exchange (sadly, just the A, B & C units from Tomdoun - anybody got a spare set of STD equipment?).

Stu likes the cats but not the gorgeous grey Strowger racks taking up a whole room. Stu also dislikes John's taste in motor vehicles - currently a Yamaha Townmate motor cycle(ette), and a 1955 Austin A30.

John Hein likes: Young men with poor eyesight, old technology (esp. anything with relays in it), transport (railways and trams), comesting (especially curry), drinking Real Ale, Cobol, BBC B computers, amateur radio (licensed as GM1YME), Church Music and National Anthems (nice tunes - shame about the words), 80rpm records, properly screwed or soldered connectors.

John Hein dislikes: Dirty dishes, homophobes, poor writers, what is commonly referred to as pop music but is in fact loud and unpleasant noise, restricted licensing hours, British Telecommunications plc (The Corporate Personification of Evil), children of all ages and none, superstitions (and those who hold them), moulded-on plugs.

John Hein can be contacted on:
+44 8717 110698 phone
+44 131-539 2999 telefax
+44 7850 796727 mobile


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