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ScotsGay Magazine

Issue 20

In this issue:

Otton trecks around the Roof of the World, Ogg on protitution, plus news and reviews and gossip and boxads and...

Pic: '...affection between men...' - Garry Otton



Editorial - fuck you Tony
News - reports & investigations
Otton On... - on the roof of the world
Ogg's View - tart or bitter?
Inside Out - the total scene guide
Venues - what and where
Boxes - the ScotsGay Meet Market
Letters - your views in print
International - news from around the world
Reviews - books, videos, films
Listings - checked and updated every issue
Switchboards and Helplines - a friendly ear
Music - Joy DJ Alan's latest chart
ScotsDyke - dykes' diary


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