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granny spice - greetings from new hollywood
bump yer gums - scandal and scuffle
glaschu - gossip with goldilocks
dun eideann - humping oneself
inbhir nis - grim discovery
dun-dèagh - rife with rumours
moireibh - extend the olive branch
obair dheadhain - non-stop and no cludgie
Boxes - the Meet Market!
Venues - what and where


Granny Spice

granny spice

greetings from new hollywood (oops! holyrood)!

My parliament is launched in the making; my well earned rest had nothing to do with "drying out" at the Royal Crichton (and not the Andrew Duncan Clinic either), the "royal" being The Betty Ford clinic for we stars in the cast who fall from grace! Talking of Grace, we are informed that lady Grace Kelly of Leadhills is back in the doggie business in Falkirk; So if your Mut or, man is off his Chum, hurry along the Gracie's Kennels for a quick service, Gracie and the dogs will as ever put some "Bounce" back in your pet!

Having time off allowed me to re-explore old haunts; the leafy glades of the Water O'Dean were trolled 'til my heels almost gave out - successfully I might add - one sunny morning brought a clutch of joggers who all seemed to have a sausage in their shorts — lip-smacking times were had and I now have a regular early morning gobble session before I wash my face in the "Jew" of Dean Village.

I am informed my dear sister "Dawn" (I want to be a Gay Ikon!) Davenport has been "filling in" (what a suitable alliteration), nicely in my absence - thank you Dawn for looking after my West Coast punters, I'll never know how you managed to get into my sexy frocks!

The festival was absolute wow; cock all over the place and such pretty men and boys! At least 3 Americans and a dozen Englishmen told me Edinburgh's gay scene was so user-friendly they intended to move here - C'mon down I say! A few well known West Coast faces appeared and "performed" - "Big Wullie" from the Waterloo was seen in action and cruising in Bear pits; Being "Big" is always an asset on the gay scene; don't let those lying bitches tell you size is not important - SIZE is everything - who wants to suck a wee prick?

One of my aides informs me the lovely Lessbeeans at the Stag and Turret are awaiting my presence and Heather is champing at the bit - be patient girls only 8 more pounds to lose and then as Dawn would say - with such taste; you can all "Bump yer gums!" or, dental dams or whatever ....

That lively venue CC Blooms is so busy these days and god the talent seems to get younger - I must be getting very old. (I am after all a pensioner!) Such a nice social mix and none of that bitchiness associated with the West coast shop girls and pen pushers who seem to prevail everywhere except the Waterloo these days.... here it's the content of your character (not your wallet) that counts - nice change!

Gordon is back from York (why go to York for lemon grass and noodles); well gossip has it that some dishy young "Rice Queen" has been bestowing favours on him. Well let's hope the Eastern promise keeps him quiet for a bit leaving some "chicken" free for those who like to foul with young pullets! Gordon whatever happened to your biblical aspersion of "feed my lambs .... etc" Mark you, some of you ex-lambs are now veritable "mutton" and adorning "the Waterloo" counter...

Back to Hollywood; the bottom of the Royal Mile is bustling these days and house hunting would be MSP's and hangers-on are offering big money for former cooncil latties in less than glamorous schemes like "dumbieDykes"... doesn't that just have a lesbian feel to it — one can envisage Tower blocks populated by dungaree-clad female plumbers, brickies, bus drivers, caretakers...

Who thought up the name - some very correct and PC sister on Lothian Cooncil .....

Queens are dumping their latties and gentryfying Broughton room and kitchens with the proceeds - good on you girls, but, let's not crush out the poor and homeless in the process, let's keep the social mix right - Avarice has already destroyed certain aspects of Manchester's Gay Village; when the big money boys move in the poor get dumped - often the profits matter more than people and the unpalatable fact of life is - profits rule - and a fair segment of gay men and women are blocked out because they simply cannot afford the prices!

The message is clear if you think a gay venue is a rip off - don't frequent it ... If it doesn't present value for money and disguises itself otherwise - shove it! We all deserve better!

Well my new computer should be up and running next month and the tome should be thicker - I just love thick things ... I'm starting my ARABIC classes this week so hopefully by Xmas when Omar comes from Paris I'll be able to shriek in his own language when he hammers in the nail!

Back to the Waterloo, I'm told that after everything is brand new and fixed up yet again .... (let's hope that the last disaster is not repeated).... Then there are plans for new entertainment.. Unfortunately, because I'm so busy in Edinburgh at the moment and classes are taking up much of my time (we retired old buns like to show the young things a thing or two), I'm afraid that I shall not be coming through quite as much to the West as I would like - other plans are afoot though. I will let you know what these are in the near future - for those who may be interested in the meanderings of an old bun!

Unfortunately the husband is limiting the sherry money and the shopping basket is narrowing like my new waist.... Therefore, my new computer hasn't got off the ground yet so I'm fairly limited on what I can have access to in the computer line at present - but bear with her ....

Words of warning to the Eastern ladies though I hear on my trolls that the boys in blue are so busy putting out their "pretty polis" these days .... All is denied of course but we have always to recognise there is an inbuilt homophobe element therein who will always seek out to persecute and malign and when possible even ruin the careers of gay men - so as they say in France "Faites attentions" when stravaigin! Or, troll with great care!

I am lost for words about poor Dawn Davenport's dress sense these days.... One can only hope that the new man in her life can fuck some colour co-operation-ordination into her! Through here in the East things are so quiet I think that everyone is getting ready for the big New Year party and no frocks in evidence anywhere - all the trannies are living in North Berwick with QC's and Judges.... Certain heavily made up lorry drivers are even to be had in Haddington these days. Well well - I never thought Glenda Slag would make it out of Tranent but there you are. I have done in every dollar a pound store in Edinburgh looking for my New Year frock - yes and and it is going to be black again. So simple my dears with a string of pearls!

Love and Safe Fucks
Beti, Granny Spice


Get Aff Ma Fit!

bump yer gums!

So Boyz & Girlz now that Brendan Nash has departed the Poo & all the back-stabbing, bitching & gossip has subsided two questions pose & rear their ugly heads!!!! The first is of course why did he leave, quit, call it what you will, but Missy can say with certainty that he is gone. Brendan needs the so-called friends that sat around the many tables with their many Gin & Tonics (yes Brendan I got a G/T or two from you) that nine times out of ten were bought by Brendan himself. Not these snivelling arseholes going around giving it "The place is so much better off" or "I never really cared much for him at all". Well Missy has this to say to each & every one of you "Eat Shit & Mouth Your Last Bit of Pish" because I'm well informed (amongst other things) that Mr Nash is on his way back & this time he's counting on two hands the people who have stood by him & supported him at a tirne when he could use a wee bit of the old moral stuff us Boyz `n' Girlz are supposed to be full of & not what is really inside of you all!! You know who you are & I wish I had the space to print your names & expose you all for what you really are... At the end of the day Brendan made one of the hardest decisions of his long & very varied career. One that has taken tons of courage & spit (sounds dirty). I bet it didn't come easy (it never does), but at the end of the day it was his to make & it should be respected. I hope it's not to late to do that because after all as a community we don't do or get very much right anymore!!

And so to the second question on those very same lips! Who has the pleasure principle of replacing him? I have to be quite honest & say no matter who they are they will pale in comparison. Filling those boots will take some doing, but enough of this hero worship crap. You must forgive Miss Dawn I came over all funny with emulsion or something like that. I still haven't forgotten the time, Brenda when you made moi stand out in the cold while you checked the competition out for size!! Also gone is that Sexy Shag Jon of The Trophy Room & Poptastic fame. I doubt, however that those worn jeans of yours will stay hung up in any closet very long. I'm told you are a fast worker & after all the scene is hardly booming with talent like yours or a packet for that matter. Go out & find a better Trophy & give it some .... Martha!!

And with that we move onto yet another Martha the latest lady down at the G.G.L.C. Martha has taken over the running of QC's restaurant & has thankfully gotten rid of those awful menus. I don't know an awful lot about this lady except that she is making big changes. I was told that she was once responsible for the now long closed Madame Gillespie's & that try she did, but when it came to support she was often seen banging up against a brick wall (her head that is). There is the scene for you, however it would seem that things are beginning to look up at the centre although I have to say that the choice of music was dreadful, The last thing that anyone wants to hear at lunchtime is rave & dance. What about a nice wee bit of Ella? Your choice of colours has certainly brightened the place up & I couldn't help but admire your collection (albeit small) of phallic symbols on the window sill!!! However it was disappointing to find that the door had been left off the latch at the loo allowing access to the morons who ruined them first time around. Is it too much bother to ask for a key?? So get down there more often & create some gossip for me to get my fangs into. Talking of fangs (or rather Fags) I must say Hi to a charming little queen I met down there (in the toilets actually) who went by the name of La La he filled me in on what the youth of Gay Glasgow expect & what they were prepared to give in return, unfortunately if what I saw in the toilet was anything to go by let's hope they grow up quickly!! I wish Martha the best, but remember folks it will only work if you take part & visit the centre making it your local & if you don't have one this is as good a place as any to start. Sorry to hear that some low life bastard has trashed the centre yet again in the vain hope of achieving something, but what? There is some cunt out there who knows the scene & its establishments so be on the lookout for some creature sliding in on its belly cause it's after your goodies. Missy has warned you!!

The woodwork was creaking (along with some bones) in The Court last Friday night. What a collection of fossils to feast upon. There was Dennis, Donald, Cilla, Lady Hamilton & the lovely Shona. It was like stepping through the doors of The Vintners, now there was a pub. For those of you not mature enough to remember this finest of establishments the Vintners came hand in hand with the outrageous Margaret who I believe is still going strong & serving up a bit of rump in a butchers shop in Duke Street!! Anyway the Court was full of them (along with pontoon tickets! Where on earth did you get them? Now that is a blast!!) Des you & your team along with the music make the pub, but keep an eye on Cilla because she'll be up to no good in those poky wee toilets, you have been warned!!

What a scandal it was to actually witness the arrest of a certain almost never quite famous nobody at Bennets the other night!! It would seem that the levy man (black & blue) got into a scufile with the long arm of the law & came out looking a wee bit worse for wear, I can honestly say that it brought a tear to my eye (of joy) to watch him dragged away screaming but at the same time I have always said that everything comes to he who waits!! I have waited, along with a great many others to witness this day & we can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that scum like that no longer merit a second thought never mind a second glance. In your defence you always wanted a bit of fame well grab it my dear & don't let go because it is all you are ever gonna get.

And so to my monthly "Hello" & "Goodbye" bit!!! I must say a big hello to Alan & Moira whom I met in the Poo recently they had been going out with each other for over a year before they realised that they were both gay. It seems it had something to do with a can of Swirl cream & two tomatoes???? Anyway the best of luck to you both. A great big goodbye to a fellow named Tony. All I can say to you darling is enjoy your funeral because at the rate you were going it won't be long before we are rid of another one!! Hello to Sash whom I met in The Big Yellow Barn playing with a pool cue & not really quite sure what to do with it & with that I have to say a big hello to all pool fans because if you could only see yourselves then you would never pick another cue up!!! A Goodbye to a person whom I bumped into in the toilets on the closing night of the Waterloo called Johnny all I can say about this abortion is that he is a class one Johnny!!

I can't help but wonder if the bosses at Tennents have ever thought of moving the Waterloo to the triangle because let's be quite honest what else is in that area except for Missing Records. There is nothing other than the pub to encourage anyone there. It would be fabby if Tennents started rooting about in & around the city centre triangle to find a wee corner to recreate this old watering hole & you never know maybe Miss Hutton will take off her electrodes long enough to come back through & pay us all a visit. Now wouldn't that be nice???

Until next month keep it going & avoid places that don't have much longer to go. You know what I mean places that never really took off...

Dawn x x x




gossip with goldilocks

4am, and this is me just got back home from Bennets, and now I've got to make a start on the column `cos, as usual, I've been out clubbing instead of being a good little ScotsGay scribbler and getting this off to the Small Bald Ginger One, or the Big Butch Beaded Biker, or the Busty Black-haired Bisexual One, or whichever poor sod at Planet ScotsGay has got landed with the job of typing my words of wisdom this month! (Actually, it's me as usual, but the BBBB brought me the scrawls with a couple of bottles of Pete's Wicked Springfest - a.b.v. 7.05% - so I feel much happier than usual - BBBO). Some day I'll actually get my shit together and not leave everything to the last minute and his Gingerness can stop tearing his hair out!

Tuesdays at Penelopes (now referred to as Pennilawps by the scene) are continuing to grow with live entertainment on every week now, which will hopefully be a permanent feature. As well as Chris Millar, they've also had Laura Janes and Diane Field from Austins. Who went down really well. It looks as if the line-dancing yee-haw music lot will also be holding their lessons in Penelopes from 9 to 10.30, so watch out for the flyers. Tin Pan Alley has finally given up on Tuesday nights, and decided to close the doors after watching the numbers dwindle to single figures. No sympathy from me - they fucked the scene around, and dispite my warnings to them that the scene wouldn't put up with their crap, they carried on regardless and are now paying for their arrogance! That's me been proved right yet again, and hopefully they'll learn from their mistake when (not if) somebody decides to make a takeover bid for their remaining Monday night. One quick afterthought about line-dancing at Penelopes - they'd better not try doing it on the carpeted areas 'cos they'd never manage all that high kicking stuff with theAxminster sticking to their boots!

Right then, at the time of writing this, the Waterloo is still closed for the refurbishment and there's a good few faces who seem to have disappeared from the scene at the moment rather than be seen in the East End venues. As for the rest of the Waterloo punters, they've been dotting themselves around the other pubs and don't some of them look so out of place! Well guys, until the Waterloo re-opens, you'll just have to learn to pose, drink trendy gnat's-piss overpriced drinks (there'll be no difficulty there - I don't recall seeing any real ale in the Waterloo either, just nitro-shite - BBBO), put up with shit service from stuck-up brats masquerading as bar staff, and develop a bit of that all important "image" and "attitude" bullshit so beloved of the ego-maniacs who are still in a job!

The bets are already on as to how long the Waterloo's new carpet is going to last `cos you know what the place used to be like on a Saturday night - no need to arse about looking for an ashtray `cos you're standing in it! By the time you actually read this, the place will have re-opened and, hopefully, the increasing number of customers will continue. You've probably all heard that the fixtures and fittings got auctioned off, but who the fuck bought those bloody lights from over the bar? I know I've got crap taste in decor, but even I'd draw the line at anything as naff as that in the Minerva hovel! Oh, and it seems the staff were getting a wee bit paranoid, wanting to know which of them fellow scribbler Dawn Davenport was referring to in her last column.

Easily seen that the students are back. The scene seems to be full of them right now. Was in Bennets a couple of days ago, and there was a bunch of obvious freshers out for a night out. Couldn't help but think what this lot are going to look like after a couple of months on the scene. All the studenty type clothes and haircuts will have gone, and they'll have turned into yet another bunch of lookalike Hooch drinking, number one cropped, combat wearing, disco bunnies mincing around the Poo with all that "Look at me, check out my image and A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E" bollocks. How sad, how bland, how BORING!. Get a life before it's too late!

All change round in Wilson Street, with the departure of the PooFuhrer, now replaced by Omar, whose name I've probably just spelt wrong. Was he fired, did he quit?. Depends on whose rumour you believe. Anyway, hopefully all the complaints about the ex "purveyor of bad service, bad music, bad vibes and evil intentions to those who would not accede to his demands" (quote from an e-mail I got on the subject), will cease, and the Poo will start treating their customers properly. Even I was surprised at the number of people congratulating me for having had the balls to stand up to all this bullshit in previous columns, and would like to thank you all for your support. Pubs and clubs are shit scared of bad press, because it DOES affect them, and don't believe anybody who tries to tell you otherwise! I spent three years in management in the country's busiest pub, and know only too well just how much the public DO take notice of what the press writes! So, hopefully the number one source of complaints will be getting its act together, and who boasts the second largest number of disgruntled customers? I'll give you a clue, again quoting from an e-mail sent to me, "I hate being ignored at the bar because I'm not an arse-waggling teeny". I don't have to name the place, do I?. Well, DO I?

Judging by how things are going at The Lane just now, it looks as if the scene has finally given up listening to all the stupid stories being spread about the place. The notice which was put up in Centurion Health Club, warning customers to avoid The Lane seems to have disappeared. No doubt Centurion have finally realised that you can only cry wolf so many times before the public wake up to the fact that The Lane is BUSIER than ever, their PEL application is going through the system as planned, no objections have been raised by any of the authorities, and we're all getting a bit tired of hearing the same old shit trotted out week after week!. I would have thought that there was enough room for two saunas in Glasgow, but the desperate measures being taken by Centurion in their futile attempts to knock a competitor would indicate that their own business has been hit a bit harder than I had thought. Anyway, some of the private cabins now have their own video screens, and the rest should have them before long, the long awaited steam room should be completed shortly, and the second TV lounge should soon be finished. And if you've been wondering what's happening through the back, Bob's got something planned that's going to be a huge attraction, but I can't say what it is until the construction work starts. Watch out for details!.

Now then, Bennets quite an experience just now with all the construction work going on isn't it?. One day everything's where it should be, then the paybox disappears, then a bloody great RSJ appears halfway up the entrance, then suddenly there's a whole new staircase where there used to be fresh air, two front doors now, and the back corner disappears behind a new wall!. Anyway, the scene's all going mad trying to blag VIP invites for the opening night, with all the nobodies who aren't on the guest list coming up with crappy excuses to explain why they won't be there that night. Yeah, RIGHT!!. Still, it'll be nice to see Benetts re-establishing itself as the largest gay club not just in Glasgow, but all of Scotland.

BITS AND PIECES: You might have heard that there was a break-in at the GGLC recently. Turns out that almost all the rooms and offices on the first floor had the doors kicked in in broad daylight!. Unfortunately the centre is a bit short on volunteers at the moment, otherwise this wouldn't have happened if the foyer had been attended at the time. If you've got some spare time, why not offer to work on reception?. Ask at the centre for an application form. -+- There is now a new club night at the 13th Note pub. It's held on Wednesdays, and is described as an attitude free zone for people of all genders and sexualities. Not been along myself yet to check it, but will give details and impressions next issue. -+- Been asked by Willie to point out that he doesn't scream his tits off. We were at opposite ends of Austins when he shrieked at me! -+- Jason from Austins is now doing karaoke at the GGLC caff on Saturday nights, get yer arse down from 9PM onwards. -+- Been asked a few times why there are never any copies of ScotsGay in the Poo or Dels. Fact is, we don't supply them with any, cos they chuck them out if we write anything that they don't like, and lets face it, thats every month!!! No matter, still thousands of copies available in all the decent places who've got nothing to hide, and on our Website. -+- GEE.MANN will be appearing every Tuesday at the GGLC from 3rd November. Muvver tells me that he does a set of jazz, blues and soul, and has two dummies in his act. Anyway the fun kicks off at 9PM. -+- Have Sadies gone mad offering the chance of grabbing as much booze as you can pour in 2 minutes behind the bar as a prize on Monday nights?. Don't they know how many of us grippy Aberdonians there are down here just now? -+- You've probably all heard the ongoing rumours about Austins being up for sale. Well, this time it's actually on the market. It would be nice if it carried on as a Poofter Palace, but the drift towards Merchant City seems pretty irreversible now. A golden opportunity for the Court Bar to take over where they leave off, if the worst happens?. Which reminds me, who makes up the music tapes played there?. Love it!!. And it's not often you'll hear me saying anything good about the scenes taste in music. Lemmy is God!. -+- If you're looking for a good cheap night out during the week, check out Wednesdays at Bennets. Drinks at £1.30, DJ Sara making the loud noises and cheap entry with a flyer. -+- And finally, will you lot stop moaning at me to get another piccy?. Next month, HONEST!.

As usual, feel free to write by post, fax or e-mail with any complaints, suggestions and any gossip I've been missing out on.



Ian 'n' Edward on Route 66

dun eideann

Jesus Christ! The Edinburgh Scene can go hump itself this month - I've got a hangover. And it hurts. Tom is struggling out of the bathroom. Tom has now run back to the bathroom. Yours truly and himself were out at JOY! last night…

Actually JOY! was our last stop. Our first port of call was Café Kudos, which is owned by a couple of nice men called Steve. Good food, not too packed with bodies, extortionate prices. Now let's get one thing clear… The prices were high under the previous gay owners, and we slagged them off too, so this ain't no bitch about the het owner thing. (Bitch no longer - see our news pages - Ed).

Venues don't last forever... before Kudos there was a gay club in that building run by Brian LeVell (who?) and nobody can remember what it was called. Before that was Chapps, run by the lovely manager of the New Town Bar - Philip. The NTB is men only, but if you fit the critera do visit. Tom and I don't get there often enough.

I think my hangover is getting worse. The noises from the bathroom are indescribable. What the hell is Tom up to?

Which was a much-asked question last night on the dancefloor at CC Blooms. Now I'm getting on a bit. I'm 28 years old (about 57 in gay years) and while my wandering off with strange men days aren't exactly numbered - shit… I hope not… I tend to stick with copping off with one guy or less in one evening. Tom, previous readers will understand, is a trollop of youthful proportions. And the aforementioned youthful proportions get him into all kinds of trouble. Not that I'm jealous. Whilst cruising around for Tom I also notice that there are no copies of ScotsGay in here - Christ this organ must be more popular than Tom's… must get on to the Small Bald Ginger One (fuck me - not literally…)

Clink clink fizzz… Tom has emerged from the bathroom. He says that we must apologise to all the staff in CC's because I always give them a hard time. "That's rubbish sweetheart - the workers in CC's do a fantastic job (sometimes under difficult situations) it ain't their fault that the drinks cost a bomb and the air conditioning's crap! Blame the bosses!" Tom says that I should put down my copy of Socialist Worker and that the air conditioning is actually non-existent.

Very much in existence is Mother Babs who takes care of all of us. Get to know her at the French Connection - Edinburgh's longest lasting gay bar. The punters in here all say that original is best - and who am I to argue?

Must sort out a date for the Masquerade Halloween Ball on October 31st. Must sort out a mask… It's all in aid of charity so get down to the Blue Moon Café (and other selected outlets?) and book your ticket now. £12/£10. Phone Edinburgh Gay Switchboard for more info. Tom and I will be there with cameras - find us and you could find your self in these pages.

Talking of dates I wonder what happened to Tony, the lad Tom picked up earlier in the night at Route 66? Seems that the boys and girls in 66 are too much for young Thomas. The staff in here work really hard too mind you, and they create a great atmosphere… Always smiling… Route 66 has a mixed crowd with plenty of spaces to sit unless you hit it at a busy time which is more or less all the time so I don't know why I oh my God I'm going to boke.

Tom is suggesting that we go for a quick coffee at the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Centre on Broughton street. "Jesus that's a mouthful - just call it the Faggot Centre like everybody else does…" You'll see more on the centre elsewhere in this organ as it seems the boss has an interest in it.

Bosses and their interests… (ginger) Fat Cats with large packets intent on world domination… Stay tuned.

Martin Walker and Tom Gariboldi


InsideOut Logo


Rumours are rife on the Dundee scene as Deva's public house tenancy is put up for sale by Karen. She appears to feel her energy would be better rewarded elsewhere - and many of her customers would agree. The venue has been neglected for some years but it is not always necessary to have posh surroundings to create a good atmosphere. The introduction of happy hour nights and days have failed to stop the demise of the once-popular hostelry.

So who is the next Diva at Deva's? The Livingston Lasses were none too impressed and other out of town operators are not beating a path to the door. It would therefore appear to be a local matter. I understand the brewers' first choice was successful entrepreneur Brian who clearly has the cash needed but I doubt if the sometimes quiet nights at Bar Xs would entice him to run two pubs for us. Other names mentioned are Mary Tracey whom I believe used to manage the venue with little tact for "them gays"! Also Charlie and Ian, former barmaids at the Balmore Bar who despite their years are more attune to the older gay market. Ian was a former manager of the venue too, but was moved on by the brewers, so that may not be successful. New blood is needed and David Vile has been mentioned and also a well known lesbian. Hopefully a happy outcome may develop which can stop the rot of part of our heritage.

This magazine has been bashed for recent comments about both Switchboard and the Harm Reduction Centre. The switchboard newsletter for October was not so "scene negative" and hopefully things will get better. The name Queerier is moaned about most so if you think it should change then write to them or perhaps they might like to take a poll of readers. Public bodies such our safe sex team have got to operate without question. When positions come free they should be filled by advertising for the best candidate. That is not a slant on anyone at the HRC, it is however standard practice to be seen to operate fairly.

Liberty Nightclub has been busier with the return of the student population who appear to be getting organised earlier in the year. Both St. Andrews and Dundee have help their LGB freshers' nights at the club and the new faces are most welcome. The only dead night is Sunday and I'm sure they are giving that some attention. A Hallowe'en Party is on the Saturday 31st October and fancy dress is optional. The next Saturday has a PA by someone singing a David Bowie re-release but I can't find the note I made. Some new additions to the light show and lasers have been welcomed by the more sober customers.

Outrage is a new one-nighter held at Liberty's on Thursdays. It's open to all and loads of student offers on the go. Music policy is more dance, happy house tunes than usual and is building a good reputation. The DJ is now Craig who one or two may remember from other ill-fated venues. Given permission to experiment with new stuff - it certainly sounds refreshing. Unfortunately Fridays at Liberty is suffering due to low numbers - a quick ask around shows the music to blame. History shows gay nights to be difficult in Dundee but perhaps a new approach is needed.

Finally, Liquid Silk has slipped off to Glasgow so if you fancy writing about your local area once a month, being loved by few and possibly hated by many, let me know. I can always be found on the ScotsGay web site.

Yours unfaithfully,

Ben Dover


InsideOut Logo

inbhir nis

The grim discovery on Wed 23rd Sept of the body of local man Eric Innes, who had been brutally murdered, sent shock waves through the gay and deaf communities.

The 61 year old profoundly deaf bakery worker was discovered after concerned colleagues called the Police Station when he didn't turn up for work for two days.

Up to 40 officers from Northern Constabulary have been working on the case led by Detective-Superintendent Charles Hepburn. Mr Innes, although not particularly active on the scene, was still well known by sight to many of the gay community. The Police interviewed many people in the gay community, resulting in a mixed reaction. One one hand in some cases they were thought to be asking highly inappropriate questions, and did seem to be ignorant and overwhelmed by the size and variety of the community, whilst on the other hand some people seemed reluctant to speak to the Police for obvious reasons, such as being put on file or outed. However this columnist whole-heartedly believes that more effort could have been put in to this from both sides. However, despite this the Sheriff in Inverness issued a warrant for the arrest of a man in connection with the murder on Friday 18th October. Watch this space.

The local papers covered this murder in great detail, the Press & Journal have been criticised locally for being a bit sensational in their reporting, however the Highland News covered the incident tactfully and had good follow-up stories. All credit to the editor and reporters.

Well done also to the Inverness Courier on a different subject now, which through letters to the editor highlighted gay issues. There was a fair banter between some local well-known windbags, notorious not only for their blatant homophobia dressed up as public and moral concern, but also for their general moaning on any given topic, and Jeorg (the Gay Outreach worker from ROH) et al. This was an interesting series of letters, and according to one local minister, the average age of death in gay men is 45, and the recruiting age to our ranks is between 14 to 18. Amazing the blatant ignorance of some folk (median age of death 45yrs? watch out John!!)

On a lighter note, our two local lads who got banned from Bo-Bangles a couple of months ago have been up to their tricks again, whilst donning their `scone shoes' and wandering into town they made a refreshment stop at that classy and upmarket joint, Morrison's Bakery (Market Arcade), where in the middle of a camp gay flurry somehow a sausage roll and beans ended up over the hat and back of some dear old lady (whom I may add was totally unaware of this and carried on eating her scone and supping her tea!). However the incident did not go unnoticed by staff and our two ladz were asked to leave! What a pair!

Finally, reminders of dates:

YGG Hallowe'en Party is on Sat 31st October at 20:00 at the Beaufort Hotel, Culduthel Road. Tickets are £5 and available from ROH.

Rock The North Youth Concert organised by ROH and Children 1st is on Friday 27th November at 19:30, Eden Court.

World AIDS Week Service of Remembrance & Dedication at Raigmore Hospital Chapel is on Sunday 29th November at 8:00 (watch out for certain YGG members singing!)

World AIDS Day, Tuesday 1st December sees an Open Day at ROH, 09:30 - 16:30. Plus films (tba) and speakers at Eden Court.

Red Ribbon Ceilidh, Friday 4th December at the Station Hotel - Society Event of the Year!

Contact ROH (see listings) for further details of the aforementioned.

Before I finish - congratulations to Jackie Redding, manager of ROH, for surviving her first year with the organisation. Thanks for all you have done and hope you are around for many more years with ROH.

See you all around,

Calmac xxx


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Before I say anything else, let me just extend a somewhat large olive branch and wave a wee white flag in a westerly direction, as I make a vague attempt to pacify these puir wee sowels in Inverness. I will state categorically that I am not going to say anything nasty about them, for two reasons: a) they've suffered enough at the hands of MorayBitch, who made a spectacular departure from this magazine last month as only she could do, and b) CalMac knows all sorts of things about me that could seriously ruin my reputation if they were ever aired in public!!

I have just returned from a wee sojourn to the Cat's Whiskers, the venue for Moray's fortnightly gay night, and as ever it was quite busy. For those of you who perhaps live in the area and have access to ScotsGay/InsideOut, do pop along and say hello. Having been to various gay night around the country, I have to say that this is probably the least cruisy night I've ever been to. Disappointing for some, perhaps, but ideal if you're maybe in the process of coming out, as it is a warm, friendly atmosphere. The bar staff are friendly (unlike some Highland establishments: uh-oh, do I get sued for that??) and the chaps and chapesses that toddle along on a Wednesday night are fairly nice people too. They definitely don't bite! So, if you fancy a change, that's the place to go. The pub is in New Elgin, not far from ASDA, and it's fortnightly on Wednesdays. As well as being able to have a drink and a chat, you're also able to pick up copies of various gay publications, including Moray's very own Gayzette, which, for the small sum of 50p (all for a good cause) gets you a fun-packed guide to what's what and what's not in and around Elgin. Oh, and it's editied by local celeb Vicky "Sugar" Plumm, although why that name still sticks is beyond me, as she's gone back to being a rather dirty looking strawberry blond!

For details of which evenings the queer lot meet, give Moray LGB Switchboard a call for details. Talking of the switchboard, I have just heard word of their Christmas fundraising extravaganza, which will take place at the World Famous Rothes Glen Hotel, the venue once again being provided by the ever accomodating Freddie and Michael! The event is to be held on Saturday 19th December, and will run into the Sunday. Ticket prices will vary according to whether you're a member of the Pride of Moray Firth Social Group or not. The whole thing costs £35 for members, £40 for non-members. This consists of: the Christmas dinner; the usual fesitivities afterwards, including a cabaret, the 3rd Annual Golden Dildo Awards (this has to be seen to be believed!) and the usual drunkeness and debauchery, of which there is usually a great deal; and finally your money gets you a bed for the night and breakfast in the morning (if you're up for it - anyone who saw me there the last time will know what I mean!). The meal and party itself is £20 (£15 for members) and if you just want to come along for the party it's a fiver. Anyone confused? Cos I am! Going by the success of the previous events at the RGH, you would be advised to book early, especially if you require to stay the night - rumour has it that for those who don't have someone to pair up with, sleeping arrangements are decided by drawing names are drawn from a hat... Again, further details etc. from Switchboard.

While I remember, the switchboard is now only operating on two nights per week. Lesbian Line is still on Thursdays from 7-10pm and Friday is the regular night, same time. That all important number is Elgin (01343) 541188. That's all for now, methinks. Now I've got to make a start on my own bloody column. I'll be charging double at this rate!

Cheerio fer noo.



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obair dheadhain

It only seems like yesterday since I wrote my last monthly ramblings. Have you noticed that once you get past the age of 21, time seems to fly by? Well, except of course when you've just sunk a pint-and-a-half of Deva's finest lager whilst stranded in Dundee for an hour, and end up being stuck for an hour on a non-stop coach with no cludgie! If that gorgeous chap who I almost knocked over in the toilets in Edinburgh Bus Station is reading this, I do apologise, but when I have to go... Yes, indeed, I have been touring about a wee bit in recent weeks, and its fine to blow away the cobwebs once in a while. Having said that, it is nice to get back to Aberdeen. No, really! But anyway, back to reality!

October is here, and a warm welcome to the Granite City's latest residents, who should be settling in nicely by now. It's amazing how much difference Aberdeen's student population actually do make to the local nightlife. It's nice to see a few familiar faces gracing us with their presence once again, and a particularly big hello to those who perhaps didn't see much action over the summer, other than the ovine variety. You know who you are! Well, last weekend would seem to be a bumper weekend as far as our gay venues are concerned. On the Saturday night, a private function downstairs in Castro made it more of a mixed venue, but nevertheless it was good to see that there was no room to move on either floor! Apparently there were no less than four DJs there that night, and the place was absolutely jumping. Of course, the old "we don't want straights in here" argument reared its ugly head once more, and I suspect that some of the Castro regulars decided to head down the road for a change, swelling Club 2k's numbers even more. A friend of mine has since told me that he waited for at least half an hour in a queue outside Club 2000, and that was just to get in. To imagine what it would have been like trying to get a drink... it doesn't really bear thinking about, really.

Mind you, on the drinks front, Castro didn't really have much left by the end of the night! Castro has had the floor downstairs repainted once more, and by the end of the evening it seems that it was still intact! Perhaps third time lucky, eh? Joy still seems to be pulling in a big crowd every Friday, which is pleasing to see. I went along for the first time in about a month, and it's still the one night I really do look forward to. As Jacqui Morrison well knows, I'm fussy about my music (puir quine spent ages trying to figure out exactly what it was that I did like!), but Joy has it. If you're looking for a different night out, that's where to go, but please, leave the handbags at home!

Rumours... well there are none. Nor are there any facts. In fact the whole situation is a mere figment of our imaginations. Yes I'm talking about this wonderful new club that was supposed to be opening up at the end of this month. It's not. I believe there were actually goings on to try and start something up, but the idea seems to have bitten the dust good and proper. No great surprise, really, as it wouldn't be the first time, but anyway, shit happens.

That's about all for now folks. As always, do pleeease let me know if there are any events, happenings, or whatever. Drop me a line, phone, fax, or man c/o ScotsGay, address at the back, or e-mail me at the address below. On second thoughts, if you're going to send me a man, send it direct or I'll be getting second hand goods...



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