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John Hein


A sure sign of ageing is when Police Constables start looking young - these days, I find that the Chief Inspectors are a bit on the young and callow side!

Nevertheless, something which I have noticed recently during my infrequent incursions to our pubs and clubs is that the clientele seems to be growing, on balance, older!

And for why? Well, it seems that for many young people who are growing up gay, our ghettoes do not appeal. And they are no longer a necessary evil that one has to endure to get a lay.

No longer do folk have to dump their straight friends if they fancy going to somewhere that they can have a same sex cuddle or grope on the dance floor. No longer do they accompany these same friends to places where they have to be on their guard in case they do something embarrassingly gay. Instead, many young (and older) people are finding that they can be themselves in the increasing number of mixed nightspots which either advertise themselves as `pansexual' or operate as such.

That sort of integration and mutual acceptance is something that we should all be pleased about!

On the other hand, it presents a potential problem for some gay oriented businesses which inflict a `youth' lifestyle on their customers. If the `youth' ain't coming and older gays are settling down at home and not coming much either, then these venues will slowly grow empty unless they change their style.

The options for our Queer Tribe are increasing - and the ghetto is something that many of us may never enter.

John Hein


cracking up


cracks appear at centre

Serious cracks have appeared in Edinburgh's Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Centre in Broughton Street only weeks after the building was sold by Outright Scotland to ELGB Project Ltd, the Charity which has been running the place for some time. The purchase, funded by loans totalling over £40,000 from both a bank and a private individual, was finalised on 21st September when keys were exchanged with much cabaret on the doorstep of the Centre.

However, cracks in the concrete floor of the downstairs meeting room and an adjoining wall soon became apparent and a civil engineer has been called in to advise. Currently, a large trench has been dug out of the floor but this will require to be enlarged for further inspection. According to ELGB Chair Fiona Horne, it's hoped that the cause is a broken or blocked drain. If so, fixing the damage may be relatively cheap, but it is an unexpected drain on finances! Fund raising will be required and we'll all asked to dig deep into our pockets.

Other problems which face the charity are the fact that the previous Chair, Jeff Davies, is currently ignoring requests to return the membership lists and account books. This is making it somewhat difficult to contact ELGB members to announce an AGM. Jeff has not been seen in the Centre since March when he smashed the door of the Bisexual Group's office during a drunken nocturnal escapade involving several Centre luminaries including Paul Cantley, a former staff member at PJ's, the shop at the front of the Centre.

Since losing his job as a driver with LRT, Jeff has moved house and is neither responding to letters nor answering his phone to ELGB directors who are currently considering legal action to recover the company's documents.

Staff problems and the alleged theft of £9,000 worth of stock from PJ's have been cited by shop owner Paul Bryan-Ivison who has had to ask fellow ELGB Directors to allow him to pay his rent considerably in arrears. Paul also blames some of his cash problems on competition from Out of the Blue, which stocks similar lines to PJ's. Nevertheless, a bullish Paul is confident that PJ's will continue to trade and says that he has several new and exciting ideas in store for his emporium.

centre forward

The Glasgow Gay & Lesbian Centre will be hosting an Open Day on the 18th November from Noon, where it is hoped that the gay community of Glasgow and the West of Scotland will take the opportunity to explore the vast range of groups and services on offer to them. There will be exhibitions, hands on experiences, opportunities to buy merchandise and information available.

The smaller meeting room will also be the focus of a renaming ceremony when it is renamed after the Late Ian Dunn a dedicated supporter of Gay Rights in Scotland and early member of the Glasgow Gay & Lesbian Centre. There will also be the opportunity to join groups and put people on the spot concerning the issues that cause most concern, when the chance to interview key representatives is given in a series of speakeasy sessions in the renamed Ian Dunn Room.

The range of Community Groups who have been invited to be involved include Women's Library, Women's Centre for Health, PHACE West, Body Positive, Steve Retson Health Initiative, Bi-g-les (Youth Group), Pride Scotland, Glasgay, the commercial scene, Spiritualist Group, Strathclyde Switchboard, Community Education, Gay Outdoor Club, Metropolitan Community Church, and Outright Scotland. Whilst these are not the only groups to be represented it shows the breadth of the opportunities to be explored.

Martha the GLC Café Bar proprietor, will be serving her good food to hungry customers and no doubt persuading people to attend the varied entertainment programme, which she runs throughout the week.

This will be an opportunity for people who have never been in the Centre to see what it's like, a chance to join, renew memberships, look at the changes around the premises etc. It is hoped that no matter what your interest there will be the chance to get the most out of the Open Day. It is certainly likely that you will find people who are out to find out information concerning things that interest you and you could make some new friends!

30 years young

On Sunday 4th October, Holy Trinity Metropolitan Community Church joined over 300 MCC congregations in five continents to mark Fellowship Sunday, the thirtieth anniversary of the denomination's foundation. Holy Trinity MCC marked the anniversary with a special service in the Quaker Meeting House, Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh.


The Scottish Episcopal Church (AKA The Fraud Anglicans) is considering drawing up a special ceremony to be used for formally blessing same sex couples in church. And this has led to speculation that Gretna may once again become a destination for couples crossing the border to take advantage of more liberal Scottish procedures. However, Martin Callaghan, the Scottish Episcopal priest in Gretna says that he will have to wait for the church to give its formal approval before offering such blessings and that might take some time.

gay scotland comes off the rails

A Scottish gay publication has earned the wrath of Lancashire public transport bosses following a publicity stunt which has hit the buffers.

A recent edition of Gay Scotland, the tabloid newspaper edited by Paul Bryan-Ivison, featured a photograph of a Blackpool tram in Gay Scotland livery on its front cover along with claims that the tram had been "specially sponsored". However, we can exclusively reveal that the photograph was digitally manipulated and the tram concerned actually advertises a coach company.

A spokesperson for Blackpool Transport told ScotsGay that Railcoach No 679 has never carried any advertising material for Gay Scotland. Fraudulent alteration of photos of their trams is not something that they've come across before. "We don't encourage this sort of thing and are not happy about it", he said. In any case, the cost of such an advertisement would have been over £5,000 - well outside the promotion budget of the flagging organ.

Elsewhere in the issue, Gay Scotland claims that over 92% of their print run is picked up by readers - it is obvious to those who see Mr Ivison's unwanted piles each month that this figure too has been digitally manipulated.

ScotsGay editor John Hein commented, "We have grown used to Paul's vivid imagination but one day it really is going to get him into trouble!"



Gay Men's Health are using public money to promote filth and depravity in the latest issue of of their popular magazine Spurt! - available from all good dens of iniquity in the Capital City.

This new, thicker edition is dripping with colour and includes informative articles on Shagging Al Fresco, Chubby Chasing and one entitled "Ever Done It With A Straight Lad?".

clone zone

Clone Zone, in Glasgow's Virginia Street, has been closed by Glasgow Building Control officers following subsidence caused by building works at Marks and Spencers next door. The closure affects many other businesses housed in the adjoining Virginia Chambers.

old chapp back at kudos

In a sudden move, Cafe Kudos has been sold to a new company involving Ray from the New Town Bar. A tight lipped Ray confirmed that he would be maintaining his involvement with the New Town, but, as far as the former Chapps premises were concerned, would only say, "Watch this space!".

unwelcome first

Transsexual Alexandra (formerly Stephen) MacRae has become the first "biological male" to be placed in a UK women's prison. Authorities believed that she would be in danger irrespective of whether she was gaoled with women or with men. MacRae, a solicitor, had admitted to embezzlement and been given a deferred sentence in order to pay restitution to her victim, but failed to do so and now faces 15 months with three inmates in the women's wing of the largely male Craiginches Prison in Aberdeen. MacRae, a four-time Scottish National Party candidate (both as a man and as a woman), a former rugby prop forward and legal husband, had gender reassignment surgery in 1984. Gay Men's Health in Edinburgh have published the latest edition of their grubby and perverted magazine Spurt! Copies are available, whilst stocks last, in Edinburgh bars and from GMH at 10a Union Street.


Scottish Television's popular game show Passport Quiz is actively seeking participants from the lgbt community. If you're interested, call 0845 270 3000.

Outright Scotland has appointed Brian Dempsey as Assistant Secretary of the group and is paying him to work eight hours per week.

A survey conducted by Gay Men's Health in West Lothian showed that 50% of respondents felt that gay men and ethnic minorities were sections of the community most likely to be discriminated against. Almost a third said that they had been affected personally.

Centurion Health Club in Glasgow has installed new heating and is also promoting itself with Winter Warmer Weekends when the normal admission fee of £8 is reduced to £6 on Saturdays and Sundays. Since opening eighteen months ago, they claim a membership of over 5,000.

Body Positive Strathclyde is holding photography workshops at the BP Centre in Glasgow on Thursdays from 6-8pm. Details from Roddy on 0141-332 5010.

hoots mon!
Kilts In The Country is the name of the weekend being run from 16th-18th April 1999 at the Rothes Glen Hotel, Elgin for the International Kilt Appreciation Society and Scottish Country Dancers. Further details from Ian Stirling, 69 Harbour Street, Nairn. IV12 4PY. or phone: Nairn (01667) 454760.

Pride of Moray Firth is holding their Hallowe'en Fancy Dress Party at the Park House Hotel in Elgin on Friday 30th October.

Lothian L&G Switchboard is holding a Masquerade Ball in the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh on Saturday 31st October. Tickets (£12/£10) from Route 66, Blue Moon, PJ's, Virgin Megastore, New Town Bar, Assembly Rooms by post from LGLS (FROGS) Limited, Freepost SCO 1130, Edinburgh EH1 0ZP or phone 0131-556 8997.

The GGLC is holding their Autumn Ceilidh on the 7th of November.


Garry Otton

otton on...

age of consent special — bugger the press!

Hands up! Who's had real boy-on-boy or boy-on-man sex before the age of 18? I mean real cock action. Youthful gism, globbing out of those rose-like tips all over some co-operative Listen-Y'know-I'm-Really-Straight stud gagging to be experimented on. Quite a lot of us if the surveys are to be believed. And did we give a toss about the laws governing the age of consent? Nah! About as much thought as our straight bros and look what a mess they made! Seven times more unwanted weans than in Holland where the age of consent is 12! The House of Lords reckoned they were speaking for the public when they pledged to keep an unequal age of consent at 18. But bearing in mind the shite dished out by the lily-livered press all over this septic isle, what the fuck do the public know about gay sex anyway? According to our learned ones, gay sex was about buggery, sodomy and old men sticking cocks up boys' arseholes. But lowering the age of consent has as much to do with buggery as the French Letter has to do with France, or the Dutch cap has to do with Holland. They couldn't blame the foreigners over this one. Sex was positively rattling down the hallowed corridors of Westminster! Every minister from Lloyd George to Jeffery Archer knows it doesn't belong in there! Now the media - despite being riddled with double standards and censorship - think they're real cool about sex. Well, judge for yourselves…

Sex is so explosive it can topple the leader of the world's most powerful nation. And while Bill Clinton's future was hanging on a spunk-stain found on a dress not cleaned for four years, men in frocks lined with ermine, held the British government to ransom over buggery. What were they playing at? It was supposed to be the previous government's stated aim to reduce the growing rate of suicides in young men. "Sending the wrong message?" What did the Lords think blocking equalising the age of consent was going to do? Many a village graveyard must have been disturbed that night. As the Bentleys drove in from the country estates, I'm surprised half of them even remembered where the House of Lords were! An unelected body with the power to speak and act on behalf of the majority. Does this not equally describe vigilantes? But while everyone read the story of the little girl, burned to death when they set fire to the home of a suspected `pervert,' suicides by gay teenagers are frequently robbed of their sexual ingredient by a well-meaning public and compliant press. As Lawrence Donegan wrote in The Scotsman: "What the House of Lords is capable of delivering is not a change in behaviour but the continued criminalisation of it. That is a power which should not reside with unelected people and the sooner the ermined upstarts are reminded of it, the better." Nice one! The Lords set out to protect boys' aresholes like the Scotland team protects its own goal. It's a boy's game. Why else should young men be afforded special protection above that of heterosexual women and lesbians? As the early theologian - and huge contributor to Christian doctrine in the west - Saint Augustine wrote: "The body of a man is superior to that of a woman as the soul is to the body." So no change there! The Labour government should have done it properly in the first place. What single Act of Parliament has ever guaranteed us equality with heterosexuals? Just rare concessions to our civil rights, begrudgingly tagged on to bills about Sexual Offences, Criminal Acts or Crime and Disorder. After the Lords voted for inequality, BBC Radio 4 tried to discuss the matter the following morning with Home Secretary, Jack Straw who made it abundantly clear he was expecting to appear on the programme to talk about the Family. New Labour is determined to promote it. He failed to mention that out of 80 child murders a year: 60 take place within the Family.

The outrageously homophobic Scottish Daily Mail approached "the decline of the traditional family…" from another angle. Its front page chucked in the towel to bellow: "GIVING UP ON FAMILY VALUES…" To their disgust, 40% of children are born to unmarried mothers. In Glasgow and Dundee, it amounts to over half the babies born. What better excuse to exhume Sexfinder General, Father Tom Connolly who "…believed the trend could be reversed if school children were educated on family values in the curriculum." What a chancer! So he thinks he has high moral principles? Good! Let him pay for them. Bill the Catholic Church for the cost of providing for unwanted weans! Hugh Brown, spokesman for the Kirk came up with an even bigger whopper: "One of the problems is that there are not enough incentives for getting married…" I've heard it all now! Is the institution of marriage so feeble it needs the support of incentives? The clown went on to blame governments for having "…failed to provide any financial carrots to couples thinking about making that commitment." Once that circus was out of the way, the Scottish Daily Mail got down to some serious reporting with the considered view of Barbara Littlewood, a lecturer in sociology at Glasgow University. "These figures do not necessarily show that fewer children are being born into stable relationships today than in the past. If you look at the registrations of births, the majority are still in the father and mothers' name suggesting that they are in a stable relationship, if not actually married."

But when it comes to stupid cunts, Jim Sillars takes the biscuit. Elected MP's in the House of Commons voted for an equal age of consent, not for "mature men the right, for their homosexual pleasure, to seduce young boys aged 16" but to reduce the distress, criminalisation and suicides in young gay men. As it did in Holland when they reduced their age of consent. Neither was it to "extend the realm of the gay brigade…" (Can you believe this prick was an MP for the SNP in Glasgow's Govan constituency)? The Scottish Sun was the perfect mouthpiece for Sillars' evil slander. "These young boys that the homosexual lobby have in their sights…can be used for homosexual acts. Let me tell you a blunt truth. Homosexual relations don't produce homosexual children who grow into prospective sexual partners for others like them. So there is no stock of homosexual young males. The answer is to legalise it and get the age as low as possible to ensure a continuous supply of sexual partners. …Sex objects, to be used." The header marched to the sound of his jackboots: "THIS VILE CHARTER IS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG." Sillars was shocked "there is no backlash" and victimises us for a culture otherwise rescued from the ruthless promotion of heterosexism. "Cruising gay pick-up areas, assignations in public toilets, one night stands for sodomy and obscenity, with all that they threaten in terms of sexual diseases, are prevalent. It is into that unsavoury world that the gay lobby want to drag more young people... We are asked to accept that heterosexual relations, and the family unit they create, are of no higher moral value than sodomy. And our society knuckles under." Hey, Silly Arse! The majority practising sodomy are people like you: Straight! Or is he? You do wonder! I've heard language like this before. From GAY men! I've also heard it from desperate careerists, well tuned to the needs of homophobic newspaper proprietors and editors. People like Richard Littlejohn, benefiting from the absence of any curbs on inflammatory language aimed at gays to further his career. Which is it, Sillars?

Any comment surrounding the age of consent debate was refreshingly absent from The Herald, sparing us from a splattering of homophobic spittle from their evangelical columnist, Rev. John Macleod. Instead, Macleod wrung his stained Y-fronts over the pages of The Scotsman, squealing: "The Bible… speaks of sodomy as a vile, unnatural and heaven-provoking sin." Tory MP Nicholas Winterton declared: "If the Lord Almighty had meant men to commit sodomy with other men their bodies would have been built differently." How true! Surely, that's why He put a hole there! And we should also thank Sir Patrick Cormack, deputy shadow leader of the House for the choice remark "that gay men were `not only different', but should not be recognised `as equal or equivalent' to heterosexuals." Quite right too! We're much better! The Times editorial chose to pick on the non-violent, direct action group Outrage! (So what's new)? Drawing a parallel with it and Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam!

Scotland on Sunday completely fucked me off when it gave space to Grade A tosser, Gerald Warner who declared Blair "the self proclaimed champion of family values, proving his credentials by legalising sodomy of 16-year-olds." The vote: "a slap in the face to every parent in Britain." Warner nearly wet his Union Jack underpants: "we live in a society where the enemies of civilisation…" he thundered, "occupy the commanding heights in the communications industry; where everything that is evil is presented as good; and, in corollary, where good is calumniated as evil. Political correctness is the new fascism, hence the apologetic tone even of those who oppose legalised immorality (`Of course I'm not anti-gay, but…') Take away the rainbow flags, the sympathetic characterisations in soap operas and the myriad public relations devices: the irreducible reality is: Will any young man's life be ruined because he is not sodomised between his 16th and 18th birthdays? And what is the converse proposition?" Another repressed homosexual talking out of his arse and wiping it on a newspaper? Well, what do you think? The "decent majority" must rise up to say "liberal legislation has gone too far... there will have to be a campaign to repeal it under the next government."

This was just the excuse the Daily Record needed to unleash it's own bulldog, Tom Brown to air his pox-ridden views. "PINK POWER… THE PARTY NO-ONE VOTED FOR." Oh, very droll. Even clever if it had an atom of truth in it. "How many voters of… Enfield Southgate, where Twigg ousted Michael Portillo - KNEW they were voting in a homosexual MP?" Wasn't this the same old codger who wrote in a previous column, "private lives shouldn't be public"? Oh, it's his age, you see. He forgets. It was all so very different before the war. You have to make allowances… Poor ol' bugger!

The broadsheets where no exception. Any discussions involving our sexuality and they had to excite pulpit fascists into ejaculating their venom. This time The Herald had them dribbling their pernicious views over Peter Tatchell's laudable attempt to have the age of consent reduced to 14. This would decriminalise the majority of youngsters, who are beginning to have sex at that age and empower them to cry foul in cases of abuse, as has been proven in many other European countries. At a time when the House was preparing to debate a lowering of the gay age of consent to only 16, The Herald shook the cage of the Catholic's Father Tom Conelly and the Kirk's Mrs Ann Allen. She says: "We would be 100% opposed to lowering the age of consent to 14. It would give entirely the wrong message to adolescents and would put enormous pressure on young people who are not at the point of wanting to be sexually active." Many already are, of course! He says: "Our position on this matter is quite clear. We believe any sexual relationship outwith marriage is wrong at any time irrespective of age." Get the royal "we!" Judging by general practice, I would suggest the majority of members of this moribund church beg to differ!

© Garry Otton 1996


Derek Ogg

ogg's view

the men from laramie

When I was a little boy I suppose the most formative television I watched was the all American Western. This programming gave the BBC cheap ready made series which broadcast hours of good clean democratic values. If you are old enough to remember Bonanza, Rawhide or Laramie then (apart from being no spring chicken) you will recall the clean cut heroes with white hats and chiselled features who never told lies and who stood up for the underdog, fighting impossible odds against black-hatted baddies or hordes of semi-naked "injuns". The handsome young star always prevailed, but not until he'd endured some appropriately character-forming hardships along the way (such as being tied up, bare chested to a totem pole and being pistol whipped, cut or roasted a little before ingeniously wriggling free after feigning death, unconsciousness or craven submission). Whilst there was generally a female interest somewhere in the cast, she would be relegated to a purely coquettish and frivolous role, the main plot thrusts being among the bonded males who made up the posse / ranch hands / cowpokes on the one hand or the brooding cute loner who played the title role on the other. Pretty homo-erotic stuff when you look back on it through the mists of time.

They are re-running Rawhide on Channel 4 at the moment and the politically correct cutting and dubbing isn't obvious unless you knew it was there. And boy do those old Westerns need editing! References to `nigras' are casually peppered throughout without being regarded as an insult, racial stereotyping of the "injun" as evil murderous and ugly is standard and the equivalence of any male gentleness with effeminacy (itself equivalent to perversity, unspecified) would shock modern viewers to the core of their beings. Looking back on those influential 60's Westerns with a cynical eye reveals a bare-faced attempt to justify the genocide of the native American population, the glorification of the American Constitution's allowing of all citizens to `bear arms' (carry any number of guns that is) and the entrenchment of the man as head of the family and undisputed superior in brain and brawn to the woman. Into the bargain men who were pacifists, artistic or gentle were generally also suspect, untrustworthy and sly.

And so I should have known better than to be surprised to read that the hate crime murder of a 22 year old gay student in Wyoming took place in that most famous of cowboy towns, Laramie. There was also a grotesque irony in the manner and style of young Matthew Shepard's killing. He was not `only' killed for being openly gay (by, it seems, two fellow students) but he was picked up in a gay bar by the two who pretended to be gay. He was then driven out to the countryside where he was stripped, tied spread-eagled to a cattle fence, tortured, pistol whipped, set fire to and left for dead, his cries for mercy unheard in the laughter of his attackers. Matthew was the cute, blue eyed chisel jawed star of the local gay scene. Out and proud his clean-cut gentle nature seemed to be the ultimate insult or contradiction for these gay hating Wyoming cowboys.

Maybe they picked up the ideas about pistol whipping from a re-rerun, maybe they learned of slow fire torture from `them pesky injuns', but they almost certainly picked up the modern day enthusiasm with which they executed Matthew from a much more up to date piece of propaganda, the American Right's vicious anti-gay advertising campaigns on radio and TV everywhere. The men from Laramie would have shunned any `gay' type character, but the morality of TV then paradoxically taught `real men' not to pick on the weaker or the underdog. The idea of a cowboy hero or heroes beating anyone up for that matter was unheard of. Self restraint, self discipline and (within limits) a live-and-let-live attitude underpinned those mythical men from Laramie's morality. Of course there never was such a Golden Age in reality. What mattered was that Americans wanted to be like that. They aspired to decency, they applauded standing up for what you believed in and they wanted to protect the underdog. It was precisely because of that TV subliminal training that thousands of gays were able to come out of the closet and claim their rights as part of the so-called sexual revolution of the late 60's and 70's. Knowing that truth and justice were meant to be everyone's lot made a helluva difference to their self belief and the reception they were afforded by their peers. The much maligned, politically incorrect and sexist TV Western had its heart in the right place, if nothing else.

Returning to present day America sees a different propaganda at work. The rights of the Constitution are to be savoured only by those who `deserve' them, by those who have `earned' them and by those moral enough to `merit' them. The Christian Right has been broadcasting its hate propaganda against gays from their own radio stations. Freedom of speech (for those other than the likes of gay activists) means that they can say the most hate-filled incitements to violence against gays with impunity. These are the new men from Laramie. Nowadays the underdog is not to be sheltered but spurned as `one of them'. Nowadays the cute and chisel jawed loner is eyed with suspicion as a faggot and/or child molester, to be run out of town, if not, to be murdered.

So where is the Sheriff in Laramie 1998? Enter President Clinton, and perhaps more promisingly his deputy Al Gore. Both called upon Congress to pass federal laws making it a hate-crime suffering special sentencing to attack someone merely because of their sexual orientation. The great and the good of American media society have gone on record as deploring Matthew Shepard's killing. For a moment the sheriff has spoken and a posse of decent liberals have been rounded up to mount up and chase them pesky bigots. But it's quiet out there, too quiet. On the hilltops and ridges of the burning desert of humanity that the posse must ride through one senses rather than sees the Right massing another raiding party, guns being handed round and at the centre of them all a preacher man - bible in one hand, in the other a fist.

Once in a while someone's death can teach us something, can even make a difference. In America gay activism so strong, in New York, San Francisco and Washington, has woken up to the sound of the whoops and war cries of its enemies in other more distant places where gay men have come out. Ravaged by the holocaust of AIDS and lulled by the warmth of the camp fire behind their encircled waggons, activism among gays has withered in the last decade there. I sense in the furious activity following the Laramie outrage a fightback and a new determination to take on the fanatics and the bigots who have freely peddled their hate. Too late for Matthew Shepard. Just in time, it seems, for the rest.

Derek Ogg


Garry Otton


scottish media monitor

The Scottish Sun's weeklong exposé on the "sex secrets of the Scots" addressed issues the media usually cloak in shame, unspeakable mystery, pathology or crime. Amongst some refreshing interviews with a fetishist, lesbian and a transsexual, the Scottish Sun "uncovered" a damning indictment on straight sexuality revealing "a quarter of Scots men think that curry is the ultimate aphrodisiac." But while the tabloid trumpeted that Scotland was "losing its sexual hang ups," they went and declared themselves "on the trail of the sleazy video kings." Why? "Scots are stripping off their inhibitions sparking a huge boom in DIY porn but the main culprit is an elusive hardcore filming den based somewhere in Maryhill, Glasgow." I had to take a double take on that one. Why would anyone want to describe someone doing something as useful as stripping off Scots' inhibitions a "culprit?" The spotlight was turned on the censorial services of Glasgow's Trading Standard's officers. After finding a studio in Glasgow's Paddy's Market, a spokesman declared: "It was nothing more than a tacky room with a manky bed and sex toys everywhere… We were delighted to bust it. I'd much prefer going home and watching Disney videos with my kids…" In the midst of it all, Bay City Roller drummer, Derek Longmuir's arrest by police on a gay sex charge was gratuitously splashed over the front page.

"Call me Mary…" Oh, I will! Otherwise known as Jim Coleman, Glasgow's licensing chief also found herself in the Scottish Sun's sex exposé. Mary, the `tached Führer, prides herself on having pioneered Glasgow's useless public drinking ban. Mary, 52 said: "No one messes with Glasgow and if you break the rules the result is simple - we'll shut you down! Call me Mary Whitehouse if you want… (She) played an important role in keeping filth off the telly where it could be watched by kids or anyone. I've raised standards in Glasgow and aim to keep them that way." My arse, you have! Mary boasted how controversial New York mayor Rudi Giuliani sent a think-tank to Glasgow to look how the street-drinking ban worked. (Or didn't. `Cos you bet your life he never took them for a walk along the Clyde). As a sample of some of the dangerous tripe he talks, he told the Scottish Sun; "Glasgay was becoming too in your face and the public couldn't accept it. It was becoming offensive with guys all kissing each other dressed as nuns. I found it distasteful and so did the public who were going mental and I'm glad to see the organisers seem to have wrapped it up." Of Divally's, Glasgow's only licensed erotic cinema. "Their application came up on an extremely rare occasion when I couldn't be present… But Divally's hasn't got much to boast about cause they can't show anything hardcore. If they do they're busted and out of business… Every licence holder in Glasgow now knows that if they step out of line I will shut them down." For the good of Glasgow: get rid of this man!

`Mary' Coleman must have wet her knickers when that killjoy, the Sunday Mail sniffed: "a live sex show is planned to introduce teenagers to student life" at gay club entrepreneur, Stefan King's Archaos nightclub in Glasgow. This was organised by "sleazy DJ Neil Mackay" who was promptly demonised for not toeing the Sunday Mail's sex-repressive line. "He shrugs off a growing storm of protest about his seedy show in university and college Freshers' Week - just days after the youngsters leave their family homes." He wanted to show them "how open-minded the city really is," which - considering the level of intolerance to be found in Glasgow - was exemplary, only he was accused by the Sunday Mail of "bragging" and even "smirked" when he spoke to them.

The Sunday Mail had every intention of wiping the smirk off "smooth-talking Victor Shields" face. He runs an erotic video shop, a magazine distribution network and a sexy sauna. Just enough to drive the Sunday Mail potty. Victor was pelted with remarks like: "Sleazy… sordid… in the shadows of Scotland's sickest industry… in a world of bogus names, anonymous box numbers and secret sex parties… in the frontline of a rising tide of filth… amongst Scotland's sleaziest, sickest and most depraved." My eye scanned the copy for a link with children and there it was! "In a strange irony, Shields also operates as a dealer in children's toys…" As for the erotic videos he sells from his shops at Park Road and Crow Road Videos in Glasgow: "The contents of the films are too disgusting to describe in a family newspaper." So, Sunday Mail readers must takes their word for it, joining them in condemning Victor's "unsavoury activities." Hinting only of "videos featuring Scots in sordid sex games" and one with "vice girls and rent boys carrying out depraved sex acts," the Sunday Mail wasted no time in announcing they would be "passing (their) dossier to the vice squad." This is not just drivel: it is dangerous drivel read by youngsters. Does Scotland really want another Thomas Hamilton?

`After promoting the puritan ethic for so long, the Daily Record surprised readers by turning on residents of Livingston and calling them "prudes" after "a Picasso exhibition of 24 famous etchings" had to be "axed after complaints about the explicit nature of some of the works." Apparently, "people protested that children might see them." Good!

But only for a moment, for when Scotland's rugby team wore pink shirts in support of Imperial Cancer Research Fund's Think Pink appeal, the Daily Record reckoned "the sight of the players flouncing around passing a pink balloon is hardly likely to strike terror into the heart of Jonah Lomu." Wearing pink was serious enough to warrant issuing a note of reassurance to its readers. "But fans needn't worry about the team's image. Come the clash with New Zealand… they will be back in traditional and more macho blue."

A "senior fireman" was "suspended from duty after being charged with an illegal sex act… alone in a car…" allegedly "around teatime… in an Edinburgh street." The Sunday Mail delighted in drawing readers attention to his suspension, how "horrified" his work-mates were and the fact this married man "is also involved in work with the Scout movement."

After watching Richard and Judy, Melanie Reid in the Sunday Mail decided that "TV's vile Viagra couples have a lot to answer for… This show should never have been broadcast at a time when children see it," she spluttered, dolloping mince onto her wean's plate. This was when "millions of viewers - including a multitude of children - watched last week as three impotent couples took Viagra on live TV and were sent off to a nearby hotel to see how it worked." The delicate flower found it "riddled with smut and innuendo" and "probably one of the most embarrassing things ever broadcast." In line with the Sunday Mail's Victorian approach to sex she wacked out the "innocent children" twaddle till I winced.

`The Daily Record and Sunday Mail both protect and exclude readers in a process of restraint, contraction and limitation on sexual issues in both reporting and commentary. This is only what we have come to expect from the ugly sisters of Anderston Quay. That, and double standards! In the "Scottish Office sex session" the Daily Record jest that security guards "got an eyeful" catching a "passionate" couple on their surveillance cameras. They stop short of actually naming the couple, (something they wouldn't hesitate to have done had the couple been gay) and do not even hint at the likelihood of prosecution. Instead, they reported "stills of the passionate pair later did the rounds in the Scottish Office."

Isn't it interesting that the most common fantasy amongst Scots catalogued in a list of "flings you never knew about our sex habits" in the Scottish Sun was "sex with a stranger in a public place." They revealed "one in five Scots have had sex on a beach, in a park, in woods… and 50 per cent of Scots have had sex in a car." What was missing from these examples of heterosexual bravado was the fact that police special operations, swoops and arrests on al fresco sex are exclusively aimed at gay men. (At least 40 arrests and one suicide in the past few months alone)! When an 18-year-old girl wrote in to Old Mother (Joan) Burnie in the Daily Record about her preference to having "sex in a car or outside…" She was met with encouragement. "…It's what YOU feel which counts… Stick to the great outdoors and the car."

Prepare for an Old Mother Burnie SPECIAL in the next issue of SCOTSGAY!

Get the full Monitor! Visit the Scottish Media Monitor web-site: -

© Garry Otton 1998




my first holiday in ibiza

First of all, let me say, I had no idea that I was going to end up in Ibiza, as originally I was hoping to got to Gran Canaria which I had heard so much about from various friends.

I suppose that I should also explain that it has only been about 18 months since my official coming out, and this holiday was to be my first ever gay holiday.

After a lot of talking over the telephone with a very helpful young lady by the name of Samantha and with a lot of help from her colleagues at her office, we finally came up with Ibiza.

Although I live in Edinburgh, my friend and I ended up flying from Manchester, NOT realising how much extra travelling time this involved, we did it, but let me add I would never do that again.  It would definitely have to be from a local airport, but putting all that aside let me tell you which resort we ended up in and how it all went.

First of all we arrived in Ibiza, once on the coach it was only 15 minutes before we were at our Hotel which was in the resort of Figueretas.  We were allocated our room in the Hotel Nautico Ebesso.  The room was fine, twin beds, bathroom with bath, shower, W.C., bidet and wash-hand basin.  We also had a balcony with a beautiful view.

On the first morning we got up for breakfast and the restaurant and the food could not be faulted in anyway. The restaurant was fully air conditioned and a pleasure to dine in.  That was the one and only morning I made breakfast.  As for the evening meals, what can I say, something to suit everyone and I must not forget Friday night's dinner.  They called it their Gala Dinner, we would call it a carvery, anyhow it was great.

Back to the first morning: after breakfast we went to the Thomson Rep's welcome meeting, all the usual boring stuff, but being the diplomatic person I am, I waited until she had finished her discussion, then told her exactly what I was looking for and without hesitation she gave me the name of a bar on the same street as our hotel and said once you're there they will point you in the right direction of other places to visit (boy was she right!).

Promptly we found the bar and it was called Monroes.  Well let me first of all tell you about Monroes!  It's owned by a lovely couple of females called Mel and Phil, Anyone whoís been will know them.  They have wonderful staff and regulars who live there.  By the way, donít assume because they work there that theyíre gay because this is not entirely true, but even the two I know who are straight  are very gay friendly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all, if I forget anyoneís name, well Iíll apologise in advance: (Monroes) Mel & Phil, David, Niel, Panda, Sheriff and Toni and thatís not including all of Melís relatives I met.  By the way they also serve food until 2am (and itís good).  Lets get back to David, better known as Miss Shape, the drag act and in my opinion sheís great.  I better not forget to mention Phil as she'll be in Manchester for the Mardi Gras and will be singing in the Rovers Return (yes, Corrie) on the Sunday night.  As for the rest of the time at Monroes, thatís all youíre getting from me, youíll just have to go and find out for yourself.

In Monroes I met Keith, well let me tell you Keith was wonderful - he voluntarily became our unofficial gay tourist guide and showed us the sights.  First of all he took us to a gay café bar on the promenade called Geminiís, a lovely place, again with very lovely attentive staff.  In fact I met up with a couple from Derby, Ian and David, and Ian threw a surprise birthday party for David and we all had a wonderful time.

Another day Keith said he would take us to the gay nudist beach, so off we went.  We caught the bus to Selinas, costing about 50p, the buses are fully air conditioned.  Once we got to Selinas all we did was to follow the crowd, but let me warn you itís a good 20 minute walk after you get off the bus, but once youíre there youíll find it was well worth the walk.  The most obvious things to remember are oil, umbrella, towel and donít forget the camera or you'll be as sick as a parrot.  There is also a quaint little beach café bar for refreshments, toilets, showers, etc.  Definitely a must.

As far as the night life goes, well Iím afraid I got as far as one gay disco and that was enough for me, after the first visit, I was there all the time.  It was called the Anfora situated in Ibiza town.  You just head uphill as if going to the cathedral on top of the hill, just ask anyone, you'll find it.  It costs 800 ptas before 2am and it will cost you double after 2, that does include your first drink.  The Anfora is a disco, built outwardly from a cave, itís got to be the best air conditioned disco we have ever been in.  It has four bars, oh and if you got to the little bar to the left as you go in, say hi to Simon, oops - I mean Simone, from John in Edinburgh.  Anyway back to the rest, if you go upstairs you will find it (yes, youíve guessed) the dark room. I will leave that one to your imagination, but a word of warning: put your notes (money) in your socks, but Iím sure youíll enjoy it.

Back to our hotel end of the resort, if you go past the Hotel Nautico Ebesso you will come to a little hill.  If you walk up the hill but look down at the beach you will find another nudist beach, very secluded, but another warning: itís a man-made path to climb down to it, but again well worth the effort.

Well I could go on and on forever about it, but the best thing I can say is go yourself and find out first hand, but if you do want an unofficial guide, Iíd be more than willing!!!  Marks out of 10? A big 12!!!

John in Edinburgh


you get a better ride on a bicycle...

the nice bit

sex in the indian sub

I'm just home from back-packing with a partner around the Indian Subcontinent - a glorious country, with staggering beauty and breath taking poverty. We saw the mountains of Shimla, the Taj Mahal of Agra and the romantic forts of Rajasthan. Cows and camels wonder the streets while the poor beg, the hustlers chat and the rich speed away.

Religion is all important, whilst sexism is endemic. Women and men are rarely seen together out of their own homes, if they have one. Affection between the sexes is considered taboo, yet in public men regularly hold hands, link arms and even kiss.

The man is seen as the bread winner and head of the Indian family. Vast areas of farm land are populated by peasants and the poor working class, but schooling for the young, although on the increase, is still rare. Boys and men spend years away from the home working - in one hotel that we stayed in a porter was just ten years old.

Sex between males is common, although rarely talked about, and according to one uncharacteristically open women I spoke to, sex between females is not uncommon either. Sex between men and women outside marriage happens rarely, and can bring disgrace to whole families if discovered.

We stayed in a town called Jaisalmer, which is situated near the Pakistani border, and close to where the Indian government performed its underground nuclear tests. A massive fort over looks a beautiful golden desert, and my partner went away on a camel trek for a couple of days. I bought some beer (gloriously called POWER 100000 !) and got drunk on the hotel roof with about fifteen or so of the local boys. I was the only non-Indian there and no women were present.

All had travelled from different places but had luckily found a job in this particular hotel. Most had never met each other before arriving in Jaisalmer, but were likely to work together for a few years. Most were Hindu, some were Muslim, one was a Sikh. Like in all hotels in India the rooms were reserved for guests, which leaves the staff to find sleeping quarters elsewhere.

Here they slept on the roof. Many of them had girlfriends, more of them had wives, yet almost all had had sex with each other.

In paradise, I too slept with a beautiful boy that night, he was obviously experienced, knew all about safer sex, but had never had sex with a guest before. As far as he knew Western men didn't often do `this kinda thing'. He had worked in many hotels, slept with many males. Soon he would get married and have a large family. He talked about girls a lot, but said that sex with women outside marriage was `not allowed'. The words `bisexual' or `gay' were never mentioned.

Believe it, or not, sex between men is totally illegal in India. Section 377 of the national legislation forbids `carnal intercourse against the order of nature' (anal intercourse) and you could get a life sentence if prosecuted. The law of the land (House of Lords take note) hasn't impacted on behaviour as people make personal choices without taking the attitude of the state into account.

Meanwhile my partner, on a camel trek, on the very same night, also came across an amorous boy... how we laughed when we told each other what had happened!

Martin Walker


Rex Wockner (woof!)


by Rex Wockner

u.n. human rights head embraces ilga

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, former Irish President Mary Robinson, appointed a liaison between her office and the International Lesbian and Gay Association following a groundbreaking meeting with the group's co-secretaries general on 8th October in Geneva.

ILGA's Jordi Petit and Jennifer Wilson said it was the first time the group's voice had been heard at the U.N.'s European headquarters.

"The meeting was extremely positive and is clearly the start of an on-going dialogue," Wilson said.

Said Petit: "Her request for us to supply material to help in the training of lesbian and gay awareness for all U.N. employees and working groups, including rapporteurs and treaty bodies, shows her recognition of ILGA as the peak NGO [non-governmental organization] on lesbian and gay rights."

ILGA and Robinson also discussed the possibility of ILGA producing a report on gay oppression worldwide to help Robinson lobby for appointment of a U.N. special rapporteur on lesbian/gay issues.

"Currently lesbians and gay men are murdered by death squads in Mexico and Brazil; live in fear of the death penalty in Afghanistan, Iran and other nations under Sharia law; are denied access to lesbian and gay literature in Singapore; and do not have equal human rights with heterosexuals in any nation of the world," ILGA said.

1,814 couples register in the netherlands

One thousand eight hundred fourteen gay couples have registered since The Netherlands' gay-partnership law took effect on 14th January.

The statute grants same-sex couples every right of matrimony, including the right to adopt children.

The Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics said 1,045 of the couples were male and 769 female. Eight hundred and forty-one heterosexual couples also have taken advantage of the law.

The figures reflect only the first six months of 1998.

Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have gay-only registered-partnership laws. In general, the laws grant all rights of matrimony except access to adoption, artificial
insemination and church weddings. Hungary recognizes a type of common-law gay marriage, withholding only the right to adoption.

united states

A 21 year old Wyoming student was brutally murdered by 2 young thugs after being picked up in a bar. His death has shocked America.


More than 19,000 Australians acknowledged to census officials that they live with a same-sex partner during the 1996 census, new data reveals. The count found more than 11,000 men and about 8,000 women living in gay relationships. Gay groups called the figures a serious undercount but a good beginning. They urged the government to consult them next time for help in writing better questions.


A French measure allowing registered partnership between any two unmarried people will face a vote in the National Assembly on November 10th and a new debate beginning November 3rd. The bill was abruptly dismissed by legislators recently after opponents noticed that scores of MPs from the majority Socialist party, which supports the bill, were absent from the chamber. If the proposal passes - which is likely - it will grant spousal rights to registered couples in areas such as inheritance, taxation, housing, property, workplace benefits, social security, and social-welfare programs. Numerous religious leaders have condemned the plan as a threat to marriage.

latin america

The U.S. State Department has begun gathering information on discrimination against gays and persons with HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean following an increase in the number of such people seeking asylum in the U.S. The data is being collected by embassy officials who will report on "attitudes toward and treatment of gays, transvestites, and transsexuals in society by family members, employers, neighbors, classmates, police and other authorities," according to a State Department cable. Among the nations being scrutinized: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.


Artist Elisabeth Ohlson's "Ecce Homo" exhibit continued to attract hostility as it opened on October 10th in the city of Jönköping, Sweden's "Jerusalem," reports correspondent Jon Voss, editor of the gay newspaper QX. The showing received a bomb threat "in the name of Jesus" and Lutheran ministers involved in bringing the exhibition to the city received threatening phone calls. The paintings, which have the blessing of Archbishop Karl Gustav Hammar, head of Sweden's state Lutheran Church, depict Jesus and the apostles in drag and as leathermen — and a nude, largely endowed Jesus being baptized.


Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda believes the new gay group LEGATRA (Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Association) should be permitted to carry out its work in peace, the Post newspaper has reported. He said the nation should "cool down" over the matter of the group's emergence although "to me personally it [homosexuality] is a very sad thing indeed." "However," Kaunda said, "the fact that it makes me sad does not mean I should bury my face in the sand and declare the problem non-existent. It exists. ... This is obviously a new thing in this part of Africa. We need time to examine it carefully."


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g l a s g a y !

Yup! It's happening all around you from Friday 30th October to Sunday 8th November in the Holy City - the festival of lgbt arts that goes by the name of Glasgay! Rather than just reprint the festival programme may I instead humbly suggest that you pick up a copy of said programme and get your bums on the seats of some of the 40 odd productions which will be gracing Glasgow over the ten day period.

In particular, however, let me single out the Gay Gala Day to be held at the Ramshorn Theatre, Ingram Street on Saturday 31st October from Noon to 4pm. Stalls and things plus the first ever Gala King and Queen for Glasgay! And it's free.

John Hein

b o o k s

Translations From The Human
by Ivor C Treby
De Blackland Press, £7.45

A selection of impressive poems contained in paperback, this book has something for everyone. A series of personal verses having all the variety of the spectrum, from God-driven lessons to bar-room chat. Read and enjoy. Particularly appealing and somewhat amusing is All In A Deviant's Day:

It's amazing I've stayed incorruptible
Kept my sense of the decent intact
Can still see the dirt in their middle class minds
Know that mine is a natural act

Shall we ever get through to these breeders
They've so little of which to be proud
For starters they could learn compassion
And that all need not choose as the crowd

Perhaps then they'd see that we benders
Are as human, and good as the rest
But since that's not likely at present
We are still out there doing our best


f i l m

Elizabeth I has been depicted on the screen a few times before, but never with quite the authenticity we get in "Elizabeth" (15). The producers made an unusual choice in asking Shekhar Kapur, a leading director of Hindi cinema, to direct Australian Kate Blanchett in the lead plus the pick of Britain's leading actors.

Religious fanaticism was clearly a fact of life in the sixteenth century for Protestants, who refused to give up their religion, were burned at the stake by the Catholic hierarchy. We have a similar situation in Iran today where Shi-ites are tortured and murdered when they won't forsake their religion. But now, through radio and TV documentaries, survivors can tell their horrific experiences. In "Elizabeth" we see for the first time her merriment between sheets with one of her lovers and learn even she wasn't safe from assassination attempts.

Those expert chroniclers of the British past, producer Ismail Merchant and director James Ivory, have filmed another family saga, "A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries" (15) based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Kaylie Jones, daughter of James Jones, author of "From Here To Eternity" . It is an American family living in Paris and America in the sixties and seventies starting with a five year old orphan boy being adopted. Kris Kristofferson is the writer father, Barbara Hersey the emotional mother, with the story told through the eyes of the growing daughter, Leelee Sobeiski. I was captivated with every turn of events switching from much laughter to controlled sobs. You will love It.

There have been several versions in the past and now we have a splendid 2 hour 14 minute "Les Miserables" (12) with Liam Neeson suffering in early nineteenth century France through Victor Hugo's novel. Jean Valjean in released from prison on parole after 20 years of hard labour for a petty theft. Brutalized by hard treatment he is astonished when a bishop in a country town treats him with respect and invites him to be a guest in his home. But, incapable of trusting anyone, Valjean steals his silverware. When caught he is amazed to bear the bishop tell the police the silverware was a gift and that no crime has been committed.

This act of kindness changes his life and after ten years he has reinvested himself as the mayor of a small town where he runs a factory. A new police inspector is stationed in the town whom Valjean recognises as a prison guard he knew of old. The man becomes determined to denounce him.

Shot in the back streets of Prague, that resembles the Paris of the 1820s, it is a costume drama that makes you realize the good old days were very bad old days if you happened to be born poor.

Anyone who has a problem ailment in their lives or knows someone else with one will want to consider a documentary about Tibetan solutions called "The Knowledge of Healing". Tibetan medicine was first documented in the 12th century with medications comprising herbs, roots and minerals. Starting in Dharamsala, in the Himilayan foothills of northern India, now the seat of his exiled government, Dr. Tenzin Choedrak is shown interviewing patients. Listening to a girl who had been tortured by Chinese guards with electric batons makes us realise how different our lives are on this green and pleasant isle. Well worth consideration by those of us not being cured by western medicines.

Rock music lovers are in for a treat with "Still Crazy" (TBC) about a fictional band of the seventies, Strange Fruit, who attempt to come back in the nineties, 21 years after their highly publicised acrimonious break-up. An astute script from Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais has Jimmy Nail, Billy Connolly and Stephen Rea in hilarious situations. You don't have to be a pop music fan to enjoy.

"Divorcing Jack" (15) might be described as a 1999 Irish gangster story. Journalist David Thewlis is caught by his wife making love to another woman and soon after the women is found shot dead in bed. His desperate attempt to find the killer could be easier if he was sober. Politician Robert Lindsay is caught up in a well of intrigue and it is the best movie I've seen on the underside of Belfast life.

We are back to costume drama in "Marquise" (15) during the reign of Louis XIV of France where born in poverty Sophie Marceau uses her beauty and seductive dancing to mesmerise men. She becomes the leading lady of a theatrical company and her long suffering husband puts up with her affairs with others as the king loves her in their productions. Will appeal to fans of the lovely Miss Marceau and the very attractive Lambert Wilson, as one of her dalliances.

"Deja Vu" (15) to a little masterpiece that may not be easy to find as the main distributors seem to have decided it is above the heads of the general public so it has to be tracked down at art cinemas. It has the most charismatic young actor in Britain today, Stephen Dillane, whom I will travel far to see in absolutely anything. Directed by American Henry Jaglom, who specialises in small art movies, it is written by him and his wife, Victoria Foyt, who also plays a leading role.

She plays a business woman in Jerusalem who meets an older French woman by chance in a café who tells her a fascinating story of lost love revolving around an expensive antique ruby pin. The woman disappears from the café abruptly leaving the pin and Victoria stops off in Paris, before returning to Britain, in a effort to return the jewel. The story is full of faces we know and love from the past including Vanessa Redgrave, Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber plus the delectable Mr Dillane. Unusual and memorable.

"The Disappearance of Finbar" (TBC) is described as a modern day fable set in Dublin. Finbar lives in a small community of houses shadowed by a giant flyover and decides one day to disappear to a better life. Eventually he phones from Stockholm, but hangs up without leaving an address or phone number. His best friend Danny decides to track him down and research leads him to a small town in a remote part of snowbound Finland. I spent most of the time shivering.

Sunshine in a British coastal resort was a pleasant change in "I Want You" (18), but cinemagoing experience has taught me obsessive love stories can end up in more than tears. On his release from a prison sentence Alessandro Nivola returns to find former love, Rachel Weisz, who tries to resist him and the hold he has over her. There is a public that loves blood filling the screen, but I am not amongst them. If you are one of the many who enjoyed that kind of thing in "Scream" and "Scream 2", this is for you.

I would have thought TV is a more suitable media than cinemas to launch "My Name Is Joe" (15), but as it was financed by Channel 4 it will be there before long. Leading man Peter Mullan won the beet actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for his performance here. As soon as I see Ken Loach has directed something I know I could be in for poverty stricken authenticity. Reforming alcoholic Joe is coaching the worst football team in Glasgow and trying to combine a new romance in his life with avoiding the local hardman debt collector. Mr Loach might one day realise audiences are not obsessed with other peoples' troubles onscreen unless they are interesting troubles - and then with a minimum of violence.

Current Releases

"Mercury Rising" (15) is a very suspenseful action movie that has Bruce Willis protecting a nine year old autistic boy who happens to be a computer wizard and has accidentally discovered information that places him and his parents in dire peril. It terrified me much of the time.

"The Truman Show" (PG) is the first Jim Carrey film I have liked as he is not pulling ridiculous faces in it. While brilliant in conception we are expected to believe his entire life could be filmed by thousands of cameras and put out as a TV soap opera - without him knowing. Not believable - but compelling viewing.

Malcolm Epstein


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alan's chart

1. The Son - Jumpin'& Pumpin' (Baby Blue Mix) (Duty Free)

2. L.A.C. - Welcome To The Space (Steve Thomas Trade Mix / Terasse Mix) (Southeast)

3. Dolly Parton - Peace Train (Wayne G's Heavenly Dub / Rhythm Infusion Dub) (Bounce)

4. Skinny Pink - Last Train To Kings Cross (Banging Club Mix) (Positiva)

5. First Light - Pink (Studio 4)

6. Ruff Driverz - Shame (Matt Darey Mix) (Un-disputed)

7. Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me (Original 12" Vocal / Untidy Dub) (Tidy Trax)

8. SK - Into The Blue (Steve Thomas Remix / Metromelt Remix) (White Label)

9. Old Skool Orchestra - B-Boy Hump (B-Boy Humpless) (Eastwest)

10. SJ - Shiver (Baby Doc Mix / Ian M Mix) (React)

11. Sonique - It Feels So Good (Sonique vs. Commie: Club Cut / Serious Remix) (Serious)

12. Bounce - Off Da Floor (T-Total Express Remix) (99°)

13. Marc Almond - Black Kiss (Tall Paul Mix) (Echo)

14. Art Of Trance - Madagasga (Cygnus X Remix) (Platipus)

15. Pete Daisy - Nova Pain (The KGB On A Bender Mix) (Tripoli Trax)

16. Slapper - TNT (Aquarius)

17. OD404 - Block Party (G Shock Mix / Baby Shock Mix) (Tripoli Trax)

18. Colonel Gurnell - Opus (Spirit)

19. Westbam - The Roof Is On Fire (Untidy Dub) (Logic / Low Spirit)

20. Groove II Touch - Panther (Daybreak Mix) (A.R.D.)


dj gill


dj gill @ divine divas

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the up and coming DJ Gill, who plays at Divine Divas - the women's night in The Venue on Calton Road, Edinburgh.

Heather: What is it that makes you have the drive to be a DJ?

Gill: My love of music!

Heather: What is it like playing at D/Divas?

Gill: Orgasmic!

Heather: D/Divas is a monthly gig. Does that mean that you play every month?

Gill: No! On a rotation, usually every 3 months.

Heather: Who are your all time favourite DJs?

Gill: Alistair Whitehead and Maggie & Alan (JOY).

Heather: Every DJ's music is different - how would you describe yours?

Gill: Underground House, House, Old Skool, Cheezy and not forgetting Neil Diamond!

Heather: Who has influenced you most in the music business?

Gill: Annie Lennox & Sinéad O'Connor.

Heather: Do you think there is a difference playing women-only gigs other than mixed?

Gill: Yes, there's no pleasing them but I love them!

Heather: Why do you think that the public see DJ's as people they cannot talk to?

Gill: Cause they're usually ignorant bastards who think they are above themselves, apart from me and a couple of others!

Heather: How far are you prepared to go to get what you want or to where you want?

Gill: To hell and back!!

Heather: How would you promote yourself?

Gill: Topless!

Heather: Who has given you your biggest compliment as a DJ?

Jean, organiser of D/Divas and Nikki, my partner!

Heather: If you weren't a DJ what would you be?

Singer/songwriter or sound engineer!

Heather: Finally if you could play any gig in Britain and the world where would they be?

Gill: In Britain it would be Kitty Lips at Trade in London - that's the womans night - or Joy in Edinburgh. As for the world I haven't a fucking clue!



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