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Issue 25

" is not a spectator sport..."
- Scottish Media Monitor
" lipstick was clashing all over the place..."
- Granny Spice
"...these sad and sordid little affairs..."
- Old Mother Burnie
"...stuff it! Fancy a shag?"
- The Meet Market

Ronald and Gordon listen to Siren's call...


inside sg25:

editorial - legitimate practices?
news - reports & investigations
otton on... - old mother burnie
ogg's view - a year of heroes and heroines
media monitor - the scottish media monitor
the nice bit - bi resources
international - news from around the world
reviews - video & books & film
music - joy dj alan's latest chart
scotsdyke - dream on
inside out - the total scene guide
boxes - the ScotsGay Meet Market
venues - what and where
listings - constantly checked and updated
switchboards - a friendly ear


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