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John Hein


Instead of patting ourselves on the back
after four years of ScotsGay and boasting about the average of 250 visits to our website each day, I'm afraid I'm going to have to moan about ethics.

Which is not, as some Scottish gay businesspeople seem to think, somewhere near Sussex!

You see, in the beginning was Centurion Health Club - an enterprise that took some years to get going but, after numerous broken promises (all for the best possible reasons, I'm sure) eventually materialised in Glasgow.

Then, along came The Lane, an establishment half a mile away, offering the same sort of facilities. But, it didn't have a licence of the same sort which had been recently introduced and which Centurion had had to spend a lot of money in order to obtain. Obviously, Centurion weren't too happy at what they saw as unfair competition. And, they were so worried at the thought that their customers might go down to The Lane and get involved in an unseemly police raid that they put up a most helpful notice warning folk that The Lane did not have a licence.

The Lane, for their part, eventually applied for a licence but, due to a couple of cockups one of which included the local Council's uncertainty as to what was the correct name of Robertson (Street) Lane, the licence hearing was a long time in coming.

And it came to pass that Centurion, via their solicitors, objected to The Lane's application on the grounds that the applicant was not a fit and proper person as he had been trading without a licence. A bit strong, but within the bounds of the great business game.

However, what do my gentle readers think about this, from a letter to the Council from Centurion (A Proud Member Of The Gay Business Association) signed by Director (and former police officer) Gordon McInnes: "Additionally, the Lane Health Club advertise "cabins to rent for two persons" - What are these cabins for? It goes well beyond reasonable doubt to assume that these are not for legitimate purposes".

I hear that Centurion is now planning to build cabins. It will be interesting to learn the legitimate purposes to which they will be put.

John Hein


ScotsGay Logo


scotsgay website mailbombed

On the 1st of December, most e-mail addresses listed on ScotsGay's Website were sent the following message (the spelling and grammar are the sender's own - we have tidied up the format):

Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 17:39:24 EST
Subject: ASHAMED

To all it concerns,

As long as Scottish Christians like me are around, your agenda is going nowhere.

I am a Scotsman living in Texas. I currently host, produce, and write a weekly radio show on American Public Radio called "Simply Scottish"

I am absolutely appalled by what I am seeing in Scotland now. The devil is really getting his way. SCOTSGAY????? You are catering to the damnation of Scottish homosexuals by encouraging them and telling them its ok to be gay. I've got news for you.....HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN.

God can help you, but only if you let Him. If not, you will spend the rest of eternity in Hell.

I am ashamed to see such filth as Scotsgay and other destructive alliances in Scotland.

Get your act together. Instead of rallying support for your sins, you should be down on your knees praying to God for forgiveness."

The sender is a 20 year old expatriate Scot from Edinburgh, Andrew McDiarmid Jr who runs a homophobic web page at (Which now appears to have been removed).

We understand that a number of complaints were also received by Internet Service Provider America On Line.

(Research by Nick Hancock -

centre forward

Work on the structural problems in the Edinburgh LGB Centre has progressed well with a new concrete floor for the meeting room now in place. A contract to damp proof affected walls is expected to be completed by January.

The Centre is urgently looking for donations to help to cover this unexpected work and collecting cans should soon be appearing around the scene.

Meanwhile, if you feel like emptying your pockets, you should send your donation to The Treasurer, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Community Project Limited, 58a Broughton Street, Edinburgh. EH1 3SA.

A General Meeting of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Community Project Limited, which owns and runs the LGB Centre, will be held on Monday 8th February in the Centre at 7pm. Further details from Fiona on 0131-478 7069. All welcome - refreshments will be provided afterwards.

Due to the decampment of Jeff Davies, the previous chair of the project, with a lot of the Project's papers, would any members of the Project who have joined in the last year (or who have changed address in that period) please get in touch with Fiona to ensure that they are on the mailing list.

happy birthday jesus!

Holy Trinity Metropolitan Community Church is to sponsor Edinburgh's first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Community Carol Service.

The Community Carol Service will take place at 5.00pm on Sunday 20th December at the Quaker Meeting House, Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh (at the top of the Royal Mile) and will be followed by festive refreshments.

According to MCC, "Christmas is an important time for many of us but, regrettably, it is also a time when many LGBT people feel excluded from mainstream celebrations. The Community Carol Service will be an opportunity for the LGBT people of Edinburgh and their many friends to celebrate the peace and joy of the Christmas season."

"Everyone is welcome!"

"Neither sexuality, Church background (or lack of one!), age, sex, race, disability nor economic status are a barrier to celebrating with us."

For more information please call Stephen on 0131-332 7088 or E-mail:

sticky end for spurt!

At a recent meeting with Gay Men's Health organisers, Lothian Health Board threatened to withdraw nearly £150,000 of annual funding unless GMH stopped publishing Spurt! GMH had little choice but to comply. According to the group's chair, Iain Law "It would be irresponsible for any of us to jeopardise this vital work for the sake of one publication".

Spurt! was an upfront, pro-sex, mucky and thoroughly enjoyable publication produced by GMH volunteers. Unlike much of the worthy but dull educational pieces of paper being pushed out by HIV/AIDS agencies, it was actually read by its target audience, gay men.

But this was too much for Lothian Health Board who obviously care more for their public image with prudes than they do for the health of gay men.

what a lube

The display of free condoms and lube in the Edinburgh LGB Centre is to move away from the front door where children have been stealing handfuls. It will, not, however, be moving downstairs as requested by the proprietor of PJ's, Paul Bryan-Ivison, who complains that it interferes with his sales of lube.


The promised 3rd December opening night party for new Edinburgh bar 3 Royal Terrace, did not take place and, as of 14th December, the premises still remain firmly closed. This is thought to be due to a delay in obtaining council permits to allow the place to open.

The venue is being promoted as an upmarket alternative to the scene and will feature waiter service in the first floor bar and library.


Hang up that wooden spoon and taste the difference with a Christmas Pudding with an added something:

You can savour this exquisite Christmas Pudding content in the knowledge that whilst giving your taste buds a feast you are supporting the work of Waverley Care Trust at Milestone House, Scotland's AIDS Hospice and the Solas HIV & AIDS Support and Information Centre.

1lb pudding - 100% natural ingredients and suitable for vegetarians - delivered to your door for £5.50.

Details from Waverley Care Trust, 4a Royal Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5AB. Phone: 0131-556 3959. Fax: 0131-556 5045. E-mail:

oor edwin

Scots gay poet Edwin Morgan was the joint winner, along with James Kelman, of the Stakis Prize for Scottish Writer of the Year.


Gay Californian Marshal Schwenn who is providing a dog walking service for pampered pooches in Edinburgh. At £5 per day, it seems a bargain! Phone: 0131-557 4282. E-mail:

clone zone

Clone Zone is now in temporary premises at the GGLC. Please note that they now have a different phone number to that shown in some of their advertisements: 0141-248 2593.


world aids day
Iain Law, Margo Macdonald and John McAllion MP on World AIDS Day in Edinburgh.

Lothian Gay Outreach Team are to provide a drop in service for gay and bisexual men at Solas in Edinburgh every Wednesday from 5-7pm. Visitors will be able to receive HIV testing and counselling with HepB screening in a non-medical environment.

lucky jim
Former AIDS/HIV worker and MCC Minister James Gough McManus had his fraud trial stopped after presenting so much new evidence in his defence that the prosecution requested a new trial.

xmas men
Divine Divas, the hottest Woman Only club in Scotland, is allowing a maximum of 50 accompanied guys into the club as guests on Xmas Day.

Fife Council's HIV Team has been re-launched as Fife Positive Support.

Over a hundred of the late Ian Dunn's reference books and gay novels have been donated in his memory to the Stonewall Youth Project. Many of these books are now unobtainable and are a rich source of inspiration.

A new LGB Society with over 30 members has recently been formed at Glasgow Caledonian University. Contact Philippa Manley or e-mail

Dundee LGB Switchboard's publication The Dundee Queerier has just celebrated its 1st birthday. It also has a new e-mail address:

From 11th January, Spiritual healers will be offering one-to-one healing sessions in Glasgow at the Body Positive Strathclyde Centre each Monday afternoon between 1pm and 5pm.

Lothian Switchboard are holding a "Tartan Fling" in the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms on Saturday 13th February. It will be a Valentine's Spectacular. Tickets: 0131-556 8997.

Positive Voice has appointed Tracy Watterson as their new Office Administrator whilst Anne Howie is to join them as Volunteer Co-ordinator.

The Nexus Café in the Edinburgh Centre recently celebrated its first anniversary with a party.

rev ref
Richard Holloway, Primus of the Episcopal Church of Scotland and Patron of Outright Scotland, provided a character reference for Peter Tatchell at his recent trial.

A free Will Pack, produced by The Lesbian & Gay Bereavement Project and Glasgow Solicitors, Joseph, Davis & Co, is now available from Outright Scotland (who obviously hope you'll remember them in it)!


Garry Otton

otton on...

old mother burnie special — hubble bubble toil and trouble...

When ScotsGay interviewed Joan Burnie, Daily Record columnist and Agony Aunt four years ago and asked her for her views on International Women's Day, she was sent into high dudgeon. "I think it patronising, appalling and awful."

According to a United Nation's report issued in 1980, women constitute half of the world's population, perform nearly two-thirds of its work hours and receive only one-tenth of the world's income. Women own less than one-hundredth of the world's property! If not demonstrating woeful ignorance, Old Mother Burnie displays the mark of a true moral conservative, selected by morally conservative men to write for a morally conservative tabloid.

Editors of the Daily Record can rely on her to conform to the newspapers repressive attitude to erotica - or pornography, as she indiscriminately describes it. A woman wrote to her after discovering her boyfriend's stash of erotic movies, Burnie tightened the strings on her whalebone corset and challenged her to make up her mind whether she could actually "live with both him and his filthy films."

Old Mother Burnie's opinion on erotica is unwavering. On the lady whose "husband is addicted to pornography," she says: "…It's not some harmless hobby. …Burn anything you find."

Filled with personal repulsion, and without a hint of reconciliation or counselling she wanted to know why a woman stayed with her "porn mad husband. Move out and move on," she snapped. "You deserve better..." If my sons grew up to think porn was harmless, then I'd know I'd failed as a mum… I wouldn't be against them seeing educational videos." The line between educational and stimulating is non-existent. And if the wife felt objectified, the answer, surely, would have been to extend the erotic material to be more inclusive for her. Incorporate more romantic themes, story lines and the passion that might have been lacking. Extend the library. Not burn it!

Over the banning of an exhibition of erotic planned for Glasgow earlier in the year, (it was held at the Olympia in London without any fuss). Old Mother Burnie scolds: "In my experience, anyone who wants that sort of knowledge has absolutely no difficulty in hunting it out, no matter how young or old they might be… Like the top shelf of any newsagent." This little remark was printed at a time when the Scottish tabloids, including Mirror Group newspapers, of which the Daily Record belongs, where harassing shops selling erotica in Glasgow and passing on details of their purchases to the police!

Her line on erotica has been challenged. One writer asked: "Isn't it time you lightened up about so-called porn videos and mags? …I bet (my wife would be) happier to think of me looking at magazines than going out with another woman." Burnie was altogether confrontational: "Why don't you ask her and see?" Adding, "they are a poor substitute for real women."

On human issues she is equally narrow. A remorseful gay policeman was supposed to have written in to Old Mother Burnie saying he wanted to be a good husband to his girlfriend. "You're cheating," she scolded. Like that's going to turn the tide of gays and bisexuals that try to run and hide from the heterosexist propaganda espoused by the Daily Record. And, in response to another writer - a woman on the receiving end of a similar relationship involving a man hiding his gay identity - Burnie reckoned her "whole relationship was built on a lie." Her husband had also passed on to her a sexually transmitted disease. Of that, he was branded: "little short of criminal." But was it? Quite apart from the fact so many men in these situations don't have access to appropriate safer sex information, many partners, coming to terms with their sexuality within marriage are confused because they are still deeply in love with their partners. But too bad, the old quack had already made her mind up. "I castigate gay men (and women)… for going ahead with a straight marriage." Society's prejudices? Pah! "No longer the case," she sniffed. It's "no excuse." No longer the case? No excuse? A little hypocritical, surely, when you think how long the Daily Record has forbidden anyone seeking partnership or friendship with someone of the same sex to place an advertisement its newspaper!

A 15-year-old lesbian asked: "…How do I meet other girls like me?" Old Mother Burnie snapped: "…getting into your head that you are being discriminated against is simply wrong." But the poor girl hadn't said she was! She simply suggested she "would like to see what it is like…" but some of the girls she approached "didn't seem to understand." Might she have benefited by placing a personal ad in the pages of the paper she read and trusted enough to write to? Then and only then might Old Mother Burnie be in a position to lecture to her about discrimination!

On the subject of outing: "Sex is a private matter," sniffs the same old trout that makes a tidy packet airing everyone else's sex lives on her problem page. "…Quite why anyone has to declare who, or even what, they sleep with - so long as it's not illegal and doesn't frighten the horses - beats me. Unless, of course, they're planning some sort of a politically correct quota system…" On Agricultural minister, Nick Brown's outing, she reflected on "…these sad and sordid little affairs" by defending the press. It's "not OUR hypocrisy, but theirs," she bleats over the outing. "…It was Number 10 which kicked a naked Nick Brown right out of the closet…" Oh, well, then. If it was Tony Blair's press secretary, Alistair Campbell who gave her the story and not some trumped-up little rent-boy, it must be all right then!

On issues affecting gay men, her words are tinged with that familiar ring of: "Don't-frighten-the-horses." It is kept especially for emergencies like gay men cruising: "The fear of discovery and of being caught, far from dissuading them, is part of the thrill. It adds to their pleasure. Nor should we assume that every man wants such dubious joys. But then neither are they necessary. Not anywhere. Certainly not in modern politics. As the happily settled with his male partner and very much out Minister for the arts Chris Smith can testify." How very cosy!

An 18-year-old girl wrote in to say: "This sounds silly, but it's true. I prefer sex… outside to making love in a bedroom." Old Mother Burnie swept aside previous opinion, the arrests of gay men enjoying sex al fresco, the police swoops and special operations launched by them to laugh: "You're not being silly… it's what YOU feel that counts… Stick to the great outdoors…"

A voyeur, "not gay, but… attracted to the gay scene" reckoned sex with his girlfriend was great after a visit to a gay bar. Old Mother Burnie severely admonished him for his loose morals: "Voyeurism, whether hetero or homosexual isn't exactly a healthy hobby… I'd give it up and find other ways of improving your love life."

Then: "My boyfriend has sort of suggested he would like to watch me making love to another woman… I don't know what to do…" Old Mother Burnie does! "I tell you what you do… you run a mile from this creep… There's a limit to what people should do to fulfil a partner's fantasy and this is way, way past it." Or was it? "Not knowing" implies an element of consideration. So why deny the woman her chance to explore in her own space and in her own time? She would understand not only her own sexual nature better, but also the true nature of the sexual relationship with her boyfriend. I say: Go girl!

Garry Otton © 1998


Derek Ogg

ogg's view

a year of heroes and heroines

Another year draws to a close, as does the Century reach its fag end, and we gays are left looking back on a peculiar year of much ado about nothing, broken promises, tragedy and the odd brilliant shaft of sunlight. So here goes my Awards to those who shone and those who shafted, on the famous and infamous actors in the years tragi-comedies.

Parliamentarian of the Year:

With so many MPs being outed or coming out these days, its no longer enough just to be gay these days to get an award, how we've moved on in one short year or two. Ben Bradshaw may have a cute smile and a full head of hair but he's all politician and well and truly new party man, we'll not see the heather being set alight by the likes of him, nor is Chris Smith cutting much in the way of mustard, putting a gay man in charge of the Arts is starting to look as patronoising as putting a woman in charge of Consumer Affairs. Smith at least is about as open and upfront on gay issues as a cabinet minister can be, unlike Peter Mandelson, who as one of Britain's most powerful politicians seems to have done zip for the cause of equality and sat back whilst the House of Lords trashed the equality legislation that ought to have been dear to his heart. Tell us Peter, why exactly did you go into politics? Nick Brown wins no awards either (Minister for Agriculture folks, and no I'd never heard of him till this year either) for his shamefaced, naughty schoolboy reaction to being outed. Repeat after me Nick, "it's not actually a disgrace to be gay".The less said about Ron Davies (former Secretary of State for Wales) the better, the only award he's in the running for this year is `Self-Made Pillock of the Year'.

Our esteemed Home Secretary, now apparently the darling of the Left following his decision to allow General Pinochet to be extradited, a decision by the way that was surely inevitable, is certainly not the darling of this writer. Another of the country's most powerful men thwarted by the Lords over the age of consent. Stll the poor things have only got a majority of 178 so lets not expect miracles! But what about something that was within his power, to let gay partners immigrate into Britain to live with their lovers?

The Home Office rules requiring a 4 year relationship cause endless misery and heartbreak to a small number (in relative terms to those seeking heterosexual residency) of gay men, maybe a couple of hundred or so. Are you so lacking in a sense of humanity that you cannot condescend to use your discretionary power for such a noble little cause as this, Home Secretary? Forget the tabloid headlines, not for the first time will they be shown to be out of touch with the feeling of the British people on issues of fair play and civil rights.

So who wins it then? Surprisingly to some, it's our own home grown Roseanna Cunningham, MP for Perth and SNP Home Affairs spokesperson. I make no party point here, she wins on her own merit, not on the SNP's gay rights policy (albeit that party has an outstanding gay rights record, matched only by the LibDems). She has consistently made herself available to the Press for comment when sensitive and controversial issues of sex, sexuality and policy have arisen and has never flinched from a humane, common sense and principled defence of liberal sexual politics. My mum thinks she's great too, and she is always a good barometer of the public mood, Mum thinks she stands up for herself without being shrill, and is progressive in politics without being outta sight. Remembering that we need straight political friends who can also carry the public, that puts Roseanna a winner by a country mile. She also disproves the theory that politicians can only follow the public's moods. One of her strongest quotes was to promise that "extending partnership rights for lesbian and gay couples" would form part of her platform for the SNP's race for political power in Scotland. Gawn yersel' hen!

Gay Men of the Year:

There are so many possibles for this award, some clubbers wouldn't forgive me if I didn't give the late Tony de Wit an honourable mention, but few Scots tasted the real Tony's brilliance as the inspiration behind top London gay club `Trade' and given the yearly cull of so many talented gay men to AIDS it seems invidious to single out one dead gay man over others. Some gay men become famous and even iconic however just by dying and Matthew Shepard, to whom I devoted last issue's page, was one such. This goodlooking young gay kid was mercilesly beated and murdered by some gutless young queer bashers showing off. Matthew's death became a timely symbol of the natural conclusion to anti-gay hate propaganda, namely anti-gay physical violence and murder. Maybe it was his good looks, maybe his charming vulnerability, maybe his reported decency and kindness, but his death (there are dozens more just like his which go unreported) was a wake up call to straight Americans as well as gay. Maybe, just maybe Matthew's death gives birth to a more respectfull attitude to the arguments about equal rights meaning dignity and respect for all gay people.

But I will not give awards to the dead, I want to celebrate the positive and the living. Tempting to give that irritating but brilliant Peter Tatchell the award, not just for standing up to the Archbishop of Canterbury, but for being a wasp buzzing round the consciences of straight and gay politicians alike for all of 15 to 20 years or so. I don't always agree with him, I wish to God he'd lighten up a little and use humour as a weapon occasionally but he's the nearest thing we've got to a gay activist leader since Ian Dunn's sad and untimely death this year so... silver medal to Peter.

Similarly I'd like to have given something to George Michael, his Parkinson interview was the best TV this year, he was natural, lippy, charming and totally unapologetic about being gay and fancying men. He was right in yer face and the audiences loved it... here was another example of the tabloids being confounded, George's record sales went up 70% in the week following the interview. So close George, but no cigar!

The winners are yet again home grown; they are the boys from Edinburgh's Gay Men's Health, the agency which tries to keep us all mindfull of the still prevalent health dangers of HIV. That crisis is far from over folks, as increasing HIV statistics among young gay men prove. Yet it's a hard and thankless job thinking up new and relevant ways to get us to pay attention to something which most people think is a `downer' or is just history. Yet they still plug away, a few dedicated staff and loadsa volunteers, putting together the fab and sexily informative `Spurt' freesheet and swarming into the bars and clubs with condoms and advice as the `Safer Sex Squaddies.' Well done lads, who will ever know how many lives you have saved by that thankless work? There's no way to count them, but there must be many who only picked up a condom some nights because of your presence and positive life enhancing propaganda. You don't need awards or recognition from me to keep up the good work but on behalf of all of us sexually active gay men, we at ScotsGay salute you! Have a cigar!

It only remains to wish you all a happy holiday, and peace, good heath and happiness for the New Year.

Derek Ogg


Garry Otton


Garry Otton shoots the messengers!

If you really want something to wake you up with a start, imagine the queen of homophobes, Wee Free John Macleod coming out gay! No, it hasn't happened, yet. But hauling the chains of repression up the corridors of The Herald, he was outside the editor's door for this year's put-down of gay people living with AIDS, sighing: "It has fallen to me to write a column for World Aids Day." He smugly observed that "in the West… the tide of the pandemic has turned… The plague is past." He listed some victims, amongst them: "Wicked men like …Derek Jarman, …the absurd Liberace." He dwelled on "an alarming development… The arrival of promiscuous `bareback' sex - without condoms." An odd remark considering the sex he was referring to in erotic videos is likely to be either pre-AIDS or negotiated. For straights, it is more likely in ignorance. He pondered that "for good or ill, we were all forced, in a new and frightening way, to face matters of sexuality, responsibility and identity, diversity, and difference." Well, that's just tough! But what was all this leading up to? The case of Matthew Shepard, the American gay teenager, beaten to death and found hanging in a field offered a clue. After distancing himself from the `Christians' who held placards saying `God hates fags' at Matthew's funeral he sought solace in "another world, and another Aids." The "30 million Aids victims living, the great mass in the developing world, without access to or hope of the new and powerful treatments." His conscience was salved. "The Mbuma Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe - it is run and funded by the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland." These were, he claimed, "the facts of Aids in the real world…" and presumably, our world played no part in it. "The storm in Africa rages on. The storm in the West, now abates." Wishful thinking on his part, I think!

"NAKED FURY. Outrage as police strip drug-search schoolboys." It's interesting, isn't it, how a story in the Sunday Mail involving police making individual searches for drugs on five teenagers at a school in Clydebank centred on the issue of stripping boys naked, not the search for drugs. Any erosion of the schoolboys' liberty was brushed aside by the fact that "police ordered five schoolboys to strip NAKED in front of their headmaster." It says a lot about the attitudes shaping the news put out by the Sunday Mail every week.

It was in the Sunday Mail that prudish Melanie Reid wrote: "When you're a teenager, the most disgusting thing imaginable is the suggestion that your parents have sex." In a piece on Chelsea Clinton's visits to a therapist after a difficult split from her boyfriend, Miss Prim remarked: "Truly, the sins of the father are being visited on the child."

The Sunday Mail, however, is not beyond a little sexual innuendo. "What Kirsty likes most in her bed! Telly stunner Kirsty Young has revealed her secret bedtime passion" Under a full-length picture of the blonde presenter draped in black, the tabloid teased: "She loves nothing better than snuggling up with… a HOT-WATER BOTTLE."

On almost any sexual issue the Sunday Mail considers distasteful, (and that's most), the Sexfinder General himself, Father Tom Connolly, spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland has to be wheeled in. The superb documentary on Scottish Television, `Vice: The Sex Trade' sent the Sexfinder General into paroxysms of Nannyism. "I would applaud STV for resisting screening this so early. But it really shouldn't be on TV." The tabloid suggested "STV wanted to ditch it before network chiefs stepped in." In the end, it was screened at 11pm, two hours behind the rest of Britain. To be behind England must surely confirm Scotland's status as Europe's most sexually repressed! The Sunday Mail's ugly sister, the Daily Record - part of the Mirror Group, a generic name for these monsters - crowed: "TV has finally hit rock bottom." Again? Jack Maclean was disgusted to find "women… who seemed to have no problem flaunting themselves and their profession." And "an unmarried caterer, who wasn't bothered by the consequences of having his sexual fantasies played out on the TV screen. He was stripped and slipped into a nappy… I won't repeat what happened next. It was a sight I never thought we would ever see on British television… Without doubt, this was the most sleazy documentary I've ever seen… the like of which I never expected to tarnish our screens… sex is not a spectator sport…" The soppy old croak seemed to have forgotten what his `off' button's for!

The Sunday Mail announced: "A former butcher's shop in a sleepy Scots town is the centre of world-wide sleaze empire." Steady on! It was just a lingerie business selling its wares on the Internet! "The kinky knickers-on-the-net business is being run from a shop in historic Fife, overlooking the ancient village cross." Apparently, "boss Graham Gilmour boasted that thousands of bored Scots businessmen were tuning in to his sordid Internet address…" By highlighting certain words you can see how the Sunday Mail weaves it's own language of repression into the owner's statement.

You can't help having a soft spot for "The Wee Bear." Which is more than the Sunday Mail had for him when they discovered "sick student Steven McCory goes looking for under-age sex on the Internet… The baby-faced 19-year-old sends messages begging `innocent girls, 14-16, for casual sex.'" Bless! Just a wee 19-year-old posting messages for "friendship and possible relationship" before Nanny Mail went at him with her cane. They contacted "furious Strathclyde University bosses" and "told them what he had been doing." He hid his face behind a rucksack as the reporters "confronted" him at a bus stop. To add to his shame, the Sunday Mail mentioned he was "still a virgin because he suffers from an embarrassing sexual condition." Then they printed his photo, indicated his address and blasted him with their vitriol: He was "Sick… twisted… devious" and a "cheat." Then they added that the "sleaze student" was accused of boasting and lying. The Scottish Media Monitor can reveal that a sleazy Sunday Mail reporter entered into correspondence with the Wee Bear posing as a 15-year-old girl in a sick quest to entrap him.

Why on Earth should picking up a sex worker, driving her to a café and "ordering teas and burghers" affect the way Robert Paterson, a senior manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland does business? The Sunday Mail is worried "he even locks up as the last man out at night." Paterson has interfered in their puritanical quest for moral fascism in Scotland! For that he will pay dearly! "Seedy… sleazy… balding…" (Although quite what that has to do with anything, I don't know. Most male readers of the Sunday Mail are bald, aren't they)? Desperate, as always, to link a sex story with children, the Sunday Mail found out "the sleazy banker is a director of the Scottish Centre For Children With Motor Impairment." Er… So?

Is "wee lassie" appropriate language to use when reporting women? The Scottish Sun got away with it reporting sport's presenter Hazel Irvine's comments on wearing makeup. "It's girl powder… In the Sunday Grandstand hot seat, the inquisitive wee lassie in whose company gruff football managers once fidgeted has grown into a major media player in a class of her own…" The Scotsman inappropriately declared Ms Irvine "bereft of makeup, the pale face that grins out from under a Nordic mop blonde hair could belong to a 14-year-old. Which in a sense she still is. There is something of the eternal schoolgirl about Irvine, if not the eternal swot."

"Kiddie porn doctor freed" cried the Scottish Daily Express in anguish. "A doctor escaped jail yesterday - despite being found guilty of downloading `revolting' child pornography from the Internet… Dr Philip McAndrew was instead fined £1,500…" A disturbing aspect of this case is that after accessing websites from outside the UK, a natural response after finding it contains illegal material, might be to try and dispense with the material. However, after disposal, it can still be stored in a cache on your computer leaving you open to prosecution. In this case, the material - and all we know is what the Scottish Daily Express tells us - was found on a disc by a spurned lover "before the police raided his home in East Lothian." This was heralded as "Lothian and Borders Police forensic computer unit's first successful computer child pornographic prosecution."

A man ahead of his time, Chief Inspector of Prisons, Clive Fairweather was reported in the Scottish Daily Mail saying "that weekend sex sessions with partners and even homosexual lovers could reward drug-free prisoners." As usual, if it's got sex in it: the Scottish Daily Mail are on the blower to Sexfinder General, Father Tom Connelly of the Catholic Church who belched: "I always assumed that people were put in prison because they had done something wrong. It should not be a question of giving somebody sweeties because they've done something good."

"It's one of the most popular traditional Scottish country dances and has been enjoyed by generations." Come on, you must've seen this one coming. "At one school (St Joseph's Academy in Ayrshire) the name Gay Gordons is considered out of step with modern times. So staff have renamed it the Happy Gordons so they can avoid the possibility of causing embarrassment among pupils." PE teacher Mr Dorian says: "The word gay has a stigma, which we are removing from this dance." The only sensible voice in this piece from the Scottish Daily Mail was from Linda Gaul, newly elected chair of the Scottish Country Dance Association. She said: "It would be better if the school educated the children so that the word gay did not have a stigma, rather than avoid using it at all."

It's not only the Scottish press that misrepresents us! Here is a little winter warmer from the otherwise impeccable Boyz. "Glasgow… It may be damn fucking freezing, but it's also the home of sexy, kilted cuties and a thriving little queer scene. Just remember to wrap up nice and warm…" At this time of year, Glasgow's warmer than London!

"No, you can't have your own news," squealed the Daily Record after London turned down a Six O' Clock News from Scotland. Gays have consistently been denied the opportunity to get the news on their terms across in the mainstream media in Scotland. I don't remember the Daily Record making much of a fuss about that. Well, we'll see what a fuss we'll be making of the Daily Record when the Scottish Media Monitor begins broadcasting in February or March. I can't wait!

Get the full Monitor! Visit the Scottish Media Monitor web-site: -

© Garry Otton 1998


you get a better ride on a bicycle...

the nice bit

In previous episodes of the Nice Bit (or Bicycle Bit according to our esteemed ed.) I've written what the hell I've wanted. In this episode I still write what I want except this month it's stuff you might actually need to know.

The UK Bisexual Conference 1999

The UK national bisexual conference has been running since 1984, and provides a unique three day opportunity for bisexuals and their friends to get together, talk, play, and party. Now the last BiCon before the millennium (if you're not too picky) will be in Edinburgh, from 16th to 18th July 1999, and we plan on making it the best ever. Topics will range from activism to personal development to just plain fun, and as well as discussions we are planning a bar, stalls, videos, exhibitions, and outings to go swimming, walking up Arthur's Seat, or just sightseeing. And there will be a party on both nights with some live entertainment so we can carry on into the night.

This will be the fifth BiCon to be held in Edinburgh, and almost certainly the largest - we've outgrown all our previous venues! There will be residential accommodation for those who need to travel (and in the past people have come from as far as Australia), or you can just attend for one day if you prefer.

BiCon has always welcomed newcomers, and as in previous years we will be holding special events for anyone new to bisexuality or who hasn't been to a BiCon before and there will be a welcoming session the night before the Conference for anyone arriving early.

Write to: The Edinburgh Bisexual Group, The Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Centre, 60 Broughton Street, Edinburgh. EH1 3SA.


Bisexual Community News

Anyone who is bisexual should get themselves a copy of Bisexual Community News. It is, as the publishers say …an intelligent, affirmative approach to bisexuality

Each issue features news of upcoming events, reviews of bisexual related publications and films, interviews, articles, cartoons, debate and letters. It's the UK's only regular listing of bisexual news, groups and events around the country

Their Address is: BM RiBBiT, London WC1N 3XX. E-mail:

Subscription Details: For one year, 12 issues Standard £ 8.50. Un-Waged £ 6.00. Supporter £15.00, Super-Supporter £ 25.00. Organisations £25.00. Make cheques/PO payable to: BCN or Bi Community News. Please note that donations are always welcome!

Scottish Bisexual Groups

Edinburgh Bisexual Group - meets Thursdays, 8pm, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Centre (downstairs from Stonewall Cafe), 58a, Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3SA. Meeting until 9.30pm, then social in the cafe. Also their newsletter Ubiquitous is available.

Glasgow Bisexual Group - meets 7.30pm, 2nd last Weds of month, Glasgow Gay and Lesbian Centre, 11 Dixon Street, Glasgow G1 4AL

Glasgow Bi Women's Group - has sadly folded, but their web page hasn't:

The Internet

All bisexuals with access to the World Wide Web should visit for a fantastic bisexual resourse. You will find everything you'll need to know here. Another great website mind you is the rather fantastic site of this very publication.

Martin Walker, Alison Rowan and The Bisexual Website


Rex Wockner (woof!)


by Rex Wockner

south african gay leader simon nkoli dies

South Africa's best known gay activist has died of AIDS.

Simon Tseko Nkoli died on November 30th at Johannesburg General Hospital.

In a joint statement, the Gay and Lesbian Organisation of Witwatersrand and the National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality — both of which Nkoli helped found — said: "We mourn the loss of an important anti-apartheid activist, gay and lesbian rights activist and HIV/AIDS activist. Simon was a courageous person who dared to declare his sexual orientation and his HIV status at a time when few were prepared to do so. Through these acts he defied the notion that being gay is unAfrican.

"As a founding member, of both GLOW and the NCGLE, Simon played an important role in ensuring that equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons has been entrenched in the South African Constitution as an unalienable right. Simon played an important role in putting lesbian and gay issues on the agenda of the African National Congress."

At the time of his death, Nkoli was president of GLOW, a board member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association, a member of the 1999 ILGA World Conference Organising Committee and a member of the African National Congress.

Simon Nkoli Nkoli was gaoled for treason for three years in the mid-1980s. In a 1989 interview with this news column, he explained: "It was because of my previous political involvement. I was involved in anti-apartheid organizations and demonstrated against unjust laws such as detention without trial, inferior education and the increasement of rent. I was held under Section 29 of the Internal Security Act and didn't get bail until I gave evidence for my defence in June 1987."

A memorial service was held in Johannesburg on December 4th. Other memorials and a funeral were planned.

Nkoli is survived by his lover, Roderick Sharp.

John Hein adds: When the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group "adopted" Simon during his period in gaol, the late Ian Christie corresponded with him extensively. When we actually got to meet Simon at an ILGA meeting, he turned out to be not the rather serious young man we had thought him to be but instead an absolutely delightful screaming woofter. A sad loss to our South African brothers and sisters as well as the international lgbt community.

zealots close down lesbian movie

Hundreds of female zealots from India's Hindu Shiv Sena party stormed at least 12 cinemas across the nation in early December and intimidated managers into suspending screenings of the lesbian-themed film Fire.

The demonstrators smashed windows and snack counters and ripped down posters. Among the ransacked facilities was New Delhi's prestigious Regal theater.

A few days later the film was "sent back for recertifying to the censorship board," said Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, junior minister of state for information and broadcasting. "We will wait for their comments," he said.

The movie had played to packed houses during the three weeks it was shown. It depicts two sisters-in-law who are unhappy in their arranged marriages and turn to each other for love.

"Women seeking satisfaction from other women is alien to Indian culture," said Bombay Shiv Sena activist Meena Kulkarni. "This film poisons our women. It makes them curious about something immoral."

Shabana Azmi, one of the film's stars and a member of parliament, responded: "One has the right to dissent but violence of this kind is not the answer. This is a matter of breaking the law. The censorship board had approved the film."

Leading gay activist Ashok Row Kavi commented: "Our criminal laws on homosexuality were bequeathed to us by the British, who had a Christian view of things. ... Hinduism, on the other hand, defines sex as one of the three ways of attaining salvation. Hinduism does not run away from sexuality and does not pass judgement on people who have different preferences."


A dozen gay activists marched in Zimbabwe on December 10th behind a banner declaring "Out and Proud in Zimbabwe." They were a contingent in a procession marking the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The members of the group Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe were emboldened to march by the presence of 4,000 delegates from more than 100 countries who were in Harare, the capital, to attend the World Council of Churches' eighth convention. "I doubt walking down a few city blocks with a banner is really going to change anything," said GALZ Program Director Keith Goddard. "But people are getting braver now."


France's National Assembly has passed a partnership-registration measure that grants unmarried couples — gay and straight, romantic or not — spousal rights in areas such as inheritance, housing, taxation, workplace benefits, social security and social-welfare programs. The vote was 316-249. The proposal will move to the Senate next spring then return to the lower house before predicted enactment in late 1999. The bill was controversial from its inception as conservatives tried every approach imaginable to derail it.


"Although I'm a gay person, I'm definitely a man on the ice," outed Canadian figure-skating champ Brian Orser told the Ottawa Sun. "That's as simple as it is: I'm a man on the ice and I'm a man off the ice. Because I'm `outed' doesn't mean I'm going to be a different person." Orser, who won two Olympic silver medals, was forced from the closet in November when court documents from a palimony suit became public knowledge.


The Upper House and the House of Assembly of the Australian state of Tasmania voted in early December to ban discrimination, incitement of hatred and severe ridicule based on sexual orientation. The comprehensive legislation also bans discrimination on 19 other grounds, including pregnancy and breastfeeding. "This is one of the best pieces of anti-discrimination legislation in the country and its enactment reflects and enshrines the tolerant, inclusive and diverse society which Tasmania has become," a spokesman said.


The residents of Quellendorf, Germany, voted to oust Mayor Norbert Linder because he has begun dressing as a woman. Linder, 40, recently started visiting transvestite bars in Frankfurt and taking female hormones. He plans to undergo gender-reassignment surgery in the year 2000. The vote was denounced by Linder's party, the Democratic Socialists (successors to the East German Communists), as "degrading discrimination." Linder had been mayor for two years.

new zealand

After refusing to assist last year, the Auckland, New Zealand, City Council agreed recently to fund clean-up for next year's huge gay Hero parade. Hero Trust Chairman Paul Sheriff said the decision — which was pushed by Mayor Christine Fletcher — sends a message that the Council values gays and lesbians as members of the community.


ScotsGay Logo


v i d e o

Like It Is
Dir: Paul Oremland
Fulcrum Productions

US Male: Route 69
Dir: John Travis

Just two videos this issue: my Pick of the Year.

In the serious category comes Like It Is (Originally called Deep In You), a sensitively drawn story of an affair between a young Lancashire bare knuckle fighter and a worldy wise Soho club/pop promoter. A clash of two cultures with some sensuous moments and some violent ones too - I actually threw up the first time I saw the fight scene.

On the lighter side, is a skin flick from the USA which features a young and somewhat cute hitchhiker who recounts a number of sexy stories to the tolerably handsome motorist who picks him up before they eventually finish up in bed together. Soft porn at its best. Must remember to get some more paper hankies in!

Justin Milne

b o o k s

Pixel Juice
by Jeff Noon
Doubleday, £15.99 each

Do you want to find out about the real Manchester, the poor, the hungry, the completely wasted, then just drop a tab of E. and come for a walk with Jeff Noon in his books Pixel Juice and Nymphomation and take a surreal journey through life.

"In the first shop they bought a packet of dogseed, because Doreen had always wanted to grow her own dog."

These are either the ramblings of a madman or the words of a guru who entertains while pricking our social conscience, humanity bites back. Jeff Noon is an artist with words and they shine from the page like a diamond in a dungheap...

Monsieur Shoushana's Lemon Tree
by Patricia Duncker
Picador, £5.99

I'm sorry, Patricia Duncker, but your book ended up being read by me and others in the smallest room in the house. It's not because of the quality of your writing, rather because of the quantity. You see, your novellas are just the perfect size to be read in a sitting. With the longest most involved story of thirty pages I did get a bit cooler somewhere exposed then usual, but it was worth it. I'm really glad your publisher sent your book for review, because basically I enjoyed it tremendously. Especially the story about the jealous husband pursuing his adulterous wife through the streets of Paris which brought back some memories of that city and more than a wry smile. The forbidden book subverting an authoritarian state had me (almost literally) glued to the seat and the crowning glory for me was the simply brilliant The Arrival Matter. The sinister and atmospheric portrayal of a supernatural history of love played out by the mysterious characters simply left nothing to be desired. After reading your book I shall tell all my friends to try and obtain a copy of it and I shall be looking for your next book with anticipation.

Lots of Love,


As Good As It Gets
by Simon Nolan
Quartet, £10.00

WOW!! Just imagine this, a seedy friend comes to visit, asks whether he could leave a bag in your flat while he goes to the phone and then never returns. By the next morning you can't contain your curiosty any longer and you open the bag to discover 5 kilos of high grade cocaine, time to party, party, party. Sounds great doesn't it?... and it is (the book that is of course, I couldn't possibly comment on the coke as I've never seen high grade coke yet as by the time it gets to me it's cut with so much crap you might as well sniff washing powder). This is a book that no student or any other fun loving creature could do without, travel along for the wildness of it all and feel free to enjoy it as I'm sure you will.


Feng Shui Horoscope, A daily guide for 1999
by Gary Quelch
White Tiger Publishing, £6.99

Do you close the loo seat after you've been? Well you should, because if you don't you just might be flushing all your good luck down the pan. This is one of the beliefs brought to us by the new life style fashion practised by Feng Shui enthusiasts. I have to admit that being the old cynic a long and not so prosperous life has made me, it was hard to give up the habit of a lifetime and close the lid after me. But I gave it a try and lo and behold last week I won a digital camera. Can't be bad. Coincidence I hear you other cynics cry, but I'll be shutting the lid forthwith... And I shall be reading the Feng Shui Horoscope, For Health Wealth and Happiness as apparently millions of Chinese have been doing for hundreds of years. This daily guide is been published in English for the very first time in this format, is well written, speckled with ancient Chinese sayings and witticisms, with more than an ounce of humour and generally useful little titbits that could be of great thelp to anybody planning their day to day life. As they say in China...

"There are no such things as chaos or random incidents, only cycles and sequences which we are unable to identify or decipher."

f i l m

Hollywood has really come of age when gay characters are frequently written into scripts without a comment - unless someone happens to be a schoolteacher. Martin Donovan plays one in "The Opposite Of Sex" (18) whose lover has died leaving him living in opulence with a young hunk, Ivan Sergei, whose occupation seems to be keeping fit diving into their private pool. Their world changes dramatically when Martin's half sister, 16 year old Christina Ricci, turns up to say she is bored to death living at home with her mother and requests permission to stay.

Ivan Sergei Before long she is dragging Ivan between sheets to prove that females can be almost as fascinating as males. Martin is patient until she announces she is pregnant and would be pleased if both of them accepted fatherly duties.

This is a dramatic comedy for every cinemagoer as the cast are very pleasing to look at, the script abounds with wit and the plot twists will keep you enthralled. When it eventually comes out on video a couple of years ahead I will certainly see it again.

America's Anthony Edwards of "ER" TV fame came to Britain to make "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (PG) which is likely to be one of the best comedies of the year. Young widow Jenny Seagrove is the mother of 14 year old Ben and 6 year old Natalie - all three struggling to come to terms with the death of a much loved husband and father. She is worried about her son's lack of progress at school and her friends are worried about them not doing enough to find a new romance for her life. Her dentist, Charles Dance, is determined it will be him and even hypnotises her in the dentist's chair to encourage her interest.

Anthony Edwards calls himself a sports therapist which means he knows how to coach sportsmen to impressive achievements - although he has just been sacked by Linford Christie for not helping Linford's records. Their getting together, so Anthony can help her son, is the most appealing role Jenny Seagrove has ever had. Take a lot of paper tissues if, like me, you enjoy crying in the stalls.

"Living Out Loud" is too intelligent a film to be a big hit. But it is well worth seeing if you can cope with blonde Holly Hunter getting over a broken marriage in the luxury of a New York apartment block. Liftman Danny De Vito has a shoulder she leans upon. Occasional romantic excitement happens in a jazz club she frequents to hear a wonderful singer, Queen Latifah. She even books a sensational looking masseur who rips his clothes off within seconds and asks whether she would like him to remove his underpants. Would you believe, as we go to press, the company releasing the film has no picturce of him to print on the page.

He is one of several reasons to see "Living Out Loud". Another is Martin Donovan who is the gay schoolteacher in "The Opposite Of Sex" who is Holly's philandering husband this time. There is no gun fire or car chases This is for the adult mind and for audiences who might have the same problem Holly Hunter has here.

Ever since the success of "Sleepless In Seattle" Tom Hanks must have been searching for another romantic comedy to equal it. He hasn't found it in "You've Got Mail", in which be meets Meg Ryan anonymously on the Internet where they fall in love with each other's personality.

But she is the owner of a small independent bookshop and he is her natural enemy being part of a family that owns New York's largest cut price book superchain which are opening near her. A good idea meanders when the scriptwriters run out of ideas. The little boy who made "Sleepless In Seattle" so memorable was desperately needed.

"You've Got Mail" will go everywhere. If you believe black is beautiful, you will have to track down "Slam" (15), a fringe movie worth seeking out. It has won awards at numerous festivals for, although it shows a downbeat side of black life in Washington DC, it is all shot on street locations and a prison with nerve shattering authenticity. The leading man is arrested on a petty drug charge and survives in and out of prison reading his poetry about the peculiarities of life. For the black connoisseur.

Kate Winslet's first film since "Titanic" is "Hideous Kinky" (15) which has her escaping a failed relationship in grey London by taking her two six and eight year old daughters to Morocco in search of adventure. A desireable arab, Said Taghmaoui, befriends her and eventually persuades her to return to London life by robbing to pay their return fares. Being a romantic I wanted him to return with her and make her life magical which doesn't happen.

Peter Berg is a very competent actor who many will remember from "The Last Seduction". He has now written and directed "Very Bad Things" which is described as a black comedy. It was too black for me.

A group of guys get together in Las Vegas for a stag party. A stripper Carla Scott, arrives in their luxury hotel suite and is soon led by one of her alcoholic audience into the bathroom. A few minutes later he emerges covered with blood, their rough sex play resulting in Carla laying dead on the marble floor. I would like to see Peter Berg's next film before making further decisions.

current releases

They don't come tougher than French bank robbers as "Dobermann" (18) proves. The most corrupt cop on the Paris force is also sadistic and loves humiliating people. You need a strong stomach for this one.

It helps if you are in a drug world, which I am not, to appreciate "Little Acid House" (18) adapted by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh from his stories into three segments, two of which are about humble and violent people in situations I wanted no part of. The third one has Martin Clunes and Jemma Redgrave as new parents who looked more baffled with the storyline than I was.

"The Parent Trap" (U) is an enchanting comedy that has been filmed before, but never as well as this. Jemma Redgrave, again, parts with new husband Dennis Quaid (she must have been mad) and they each keep one of their identical twin daughters soon after birth. The twins grow up on different continents with two successful parents. Fate intervenes when the girls meet at summer camp in Maine and decide to get their parents together again. A delightful movie.

"The Wisdom Of Crocodiles" (18) is for people who love and adore Jude Law - and there are quite a few of them around. You need to be mesmerised by him to sit through a plot that has him having vampire inclinations on any girl he takes an interest in. The comendable Timothy Spall is the police inspector investigating some very sordid murders while several attractive girls think Mr Law is about to caress their delicate throats when he has other plans in mind.

The most impressive action movie of the season is undoubtedly "The Mask Of Zorro" (PG) which is light years ahead of a film of the same name made in the early forties. Anthony Hopkins trains Antonio Banderas to fight against Spanish dictators in Old Mexico. The sword fencing is superb. Catherine Zeta Jones grabs her first Hollywood lead with obvious relish. An engrossing 2 hours and 17 minutes.

Malcolm Epstein


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alan's chart

1. Floorplay - Joey Help! Me (Mobile Bitch Twilo Mix) (Automatic)

2 The Egg - Getting Away With It (Rollo Indared Mix / Indared Dub) (Indochina)

3 Kavana - Funky Love (Mash Up Matt Remix) (Virgin)

4 Jack Prongo - Movin' Thru Your System (Pssst)

5 Graemel - Stag Beetle (Original Mix / Qattra's Belfast Space Mix) (Steel)

6 Mirror Ball - Given Up (Original 12" Mix) (Multiply)

7 Nuw Idol - Blue Butterfly / Ikon (Zoom)

8 Skinny Pink - Dog On A Pill (Original Mix) (24Seven)

9 Cevin Fisher - Burning Up (Subversive)

10. Da Fool - No Good (Quake Instrumental / Original 12" Version) (ffrr)

11. Triple J - Deep House (Paul King's Double-Dipped Mix) (Southeast)

12. Elevate featuring Dominique - Next Life (Kayashi Stellar Soundtrack Mix) (Platoon)

13. Paul Van Dyk presents Humate - Love Stimulation (Oliver Lieb Mixes) (Deviant)

14 Kadoc - Clap Your Hands (Bulletproof's Viagra Mix) (Neo)

15. Antisocial - Get Into Love (Tom Wilson Remix) (EastWest)

16 Olav Basoski - Samplitude Vol. 5: Water (Remix) (Work)

17. Andy Jarrod - Corlxa (Part 1) (Choo Choo)

18. Silvio Ecomo - Uprising (Northern Scum Remix) (Babushka)

19. Pleasure - Hardcore Power (R.R.Fierce Remix / J Golo Remix) (DP)

20 Mogwai - ? (Knuckleheadz Remix) (White Label)



Well that's nearly another year went by for us girlz, and not a lot has happened. In Edinburgh, Karen Dunbar left CC's but she's back on the 20th December and for Hogmanay so I'm sure that will make all you Karen fans happy, I Also heard a rumour that DJ Gill from the Divine Devas and the Stag is looking at opening a new club in the New Year (watch this space. On the Glasgow scene we lost Sappho's inside Sadie Frosts but I've noticed an increasing number of the female sex in the Polo recently.

Well as I said before, not a lot has happened this past year so maybe next year we could make an effort to do something just for us (not that I have anything against men I mean they have their uses dish washing and so on). So if anyone has anything they want me to cover on this page please let me know c/o ScotsGay or via my spanking new E-mail address below.

Wishing you all a very warm and wet Christmas. Loads of love to all,


dream on

"I Want to taste you, I want to taste you."

I woke up with a start. I couldn't get her voice out of my head - couldn't get her face out of my head. What was happening to me? I had never in my life had a dream like it.

She had been standing in the self same spot that she had been standing in all week: right in front of my office window, leaning oh so seductively against the pillar. I couldn't help but stare, but twice I was brought back to earth by the thud of a very large pile of typing falling into my in-tray.

As I started to sort through it, she would disappear again - she wasn't waiting for anyone and was never there when I left work for lunch or home. But there she was now, following me around in my dreams, wanting me, touching me, tasting me...

The more I remember the dream the hotter I get, I can feel hot liquid oozing between my legs, feel the sensations growing inside me and I know that I cannot let this go on. Slowly, I slip my hand under my sheet, down my naked body and start touching myself, closing my eyes and imagining it's her. My clit is so hard, I think I'm about to explode with want, but then suddenly I feel another hand slowly raising mine off of my throbbing pussy. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but there she is in my room she puts her fingers up to her mouth to say ssshhh...

And then, in one easy movement, she has me in her mouth - slowly she circles my (by now) rock hard clit, sucking it until I'm sure it's going to pop. Waves of orgasm build up wanting to explode, my body is writhing in ecstasy then, suddenly, she stops and raises herself up on the bed and slips off her long black dress.

I look at her and then my eyes fall to her long strap-on dick, I want it and she knows it.

"Fuck me", I say and, in a flash, she turns me onto my stomach puts her hands round my waist and begins fucking me. I feel her fingers gripping on to my butt as she fucks me deep and hard, pulling and lifting me so that I can feel her dick diving deep into my wetness, every stroke making me gasp!

I know that I'm coming. I scream out, "Don't stop, don't stop" but then she begins to slow down and that just drives me over the edge: I cum, orgasmic sensations flooding over me.

I squirm as she gently withdraws herself from me, slips off the strap-on, starts licking my thick white cream off it and kissing my nipples - covering them in hot pussy juice. I feel totally helpless, mesmerised by her power to make someone - me - feel this way and totally absorbed into enjoying the feeling. Then, as I turn to ask her who she is and how did she find me, she puts her hand to my lips and as quickly and quietly as she entered my room she disappears.

And then I hear a ringing in the distance but it sounds like it's getting closer and closer until suddenly, I open my eyes to discover that it's my telephone and it has, after all, been a dream.

Heather xxx



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